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Peter Koenig on Gaza genocide, 9/11 truth, & decline of the West

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Whistleblowing ex-World Bank economist Peter Koenig discusses the accelerating genocide of Gaza and the likely false flag that set off the latest round. We also discuss the 9/11 false flag, the relationship between the US and Israeli expansionist empires, and the perspicacity of Oswald Spengler, who saw the Decline of the West coming a century ago.

Touchstones of our conversation include Peter’s latest articles and Press TV appearances including:

Iran Sanctions – Trump Gives Waivers to Iran’s Major Customers?

BRICS: A Future in Limbo

2 Thoughts to “Peter Koenig on Gaza genocide, 9/11 truth, & decline of the West”

  1. maisoon

    No Mr Koenig- it is ISRAEL’s interests as it always has been and not America’s interests. America just does what Israel tells it to do and America is also Israeli/Jewish occupied.
    The only ‘peace’ Netanyahu and Israel understand is taking what is left of Palestine ‘PIECE by PIECE’. The Israelis don’t know the meaning of ‘peace’
    The only thing that will ever bring peace to Palestine and the Middle East is the restoration of Palestine and the destruction of the racist Jewish Israeli State.
    It is a question of Jews much more than just Zionists Mr Koening- Zionists IS a cop out by Alternative writers afraid of the pathetic Anti Semitism label which should never be correctly applied to the Khazarian Jews occupying and ruling occupied Palestine
    All the Wars in the Middle East are WARS FIR ISRAEL and their WAR OF TERROR on the Arab and Islamic Nations
    It is Israel and the Jews in charge and not the Americans
    YES there are Christian and even Muslim Zionists but it IS the JEWS ultimately in charge.
    It is Britain that set the ball rolling for the occupation and seizure of Palestine who then withdrew and allowed the European Jews to take over.
    Like the US Governments, the UK has been Jewish and Israeli occupied, far longer than in America. Of course they have extended their talons into many European countries, equally occupied- France, Netherlands, Germany, and Australia and Canada.
    Fascist Big Brother, Police State [Jewish New World Order] has ruled Western nations since 9/11- a Shadow Deep State Government dominated by Jews and then Zionists.
    China like Russia Kevin is in cahoots with the Israelis and Jews- after all Jews created their Communism and both led by Jews [Bolsheviks, Stalin and then Mao Tse Tung. People like to ignore Putin’s affiliation with Chabad Lubavitch Cult that Trump and Kushner are also devotees to. One Belt, One Road initiative is an Israeli construct to which Russia China, India and even Iran and Turkey are keen members.
    Israel has bled America dry and has now hopped onto China and Russia, their latest parasitic Hosts who again the Jews will bleed dry and they hope to replace America as the New Nuclear military Super Power with compliant help from the Red Dragon China and the Russian Bear.

    The Banks causing all the Financial terrorism are Jewish owned and controlled and based upon Jewish usury which sadly the Hypocrite Switzerland gives a safe haven to, allowing their corrupt exploitative form of banking
    China Russia are in close military technological and economic financial ties with Israel co-operating with Artificial Intelligence Technology, hoping to create their Super Soldiers, be it Robotic or genetic creations
    Jews and Israel were determined to destroy BRICS, infiltrating them and successfully destroying them via Divide and conquer- now having seized control of what is now Pro Israel Brazil, and Fascist Zionist Pro Israel Hindu India that like America is Israeli controlled, armed and trained by Israelis- pity Koenig fails to mention India’s collaboration with Israel Same goes for China and Putin’s Russia.

    Israel has successfully used Putin to keep a military eye on Syria Russia is not an honest friend of Syria. And look at how Israel used Chinese Uighars as its ‘Muslim’ Terrorists in Syria and now they have ordered China to place these Uighars into Concentration camps which Israel is an expert at!!

    Sorry but IRAN nor RUSSIA experience TRUE hardship and suffering from Sanctions imposed by Zionist America and its Allies.
    Those who have truly suffered from sanctions have been the ARABS- like in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and of course Gazan Palestinians!
    For over 40 years we constantly hear about plans for war and bombing of Iran by Israel and its western Allies. But when it came to same threats against Arab countries, Israel and the West with a blink of an eye went ahead and bombed all the Arab countries they threatened!!
    IRAN has NOT suffered this warmongering Trauma from Israel and its Western Minions in the same sadistic fashion that Arab Countries have had to endure and are still enduring. Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi were murdered on behalf of the Jewish Rothschild Bankers because they wanted to set up a new Islamic Currency backed by Gold which they wanted extended to African Nations which of course was a great THREAT to Jewish Bankers who would never have allowed it as they terrorise and dominate the Banking world.
    The moment the Jewish dominated West talk of bombing an Arab/Muslim country, they do it in speed of lightning, no hesitation; but when it comes to Iran, they have been talking about it for nearly 40 years!! We must not forget the over 150000 Jewish Iranians in Iran who amazingly are free to travel to Israel for holidays to visit relatives and there are Iranian Jews serving in the Iranian Government Majlis.
    Iran works closely with Russia and China who in turn work closely with Israel.

    The West and Israel cannot wait for the death of Muslim Ayotallah Khameni. I just wonder whether these Iranian Zionists have given the Ayotallah his cancer/illness just as they did to Venezuela’s Chavez and how they succeeded in poisoning Yasser Arafat.

    They already have their Pro Western puppets Rouhani and Zarif who both spent many years in the UK and USA and had close friendships with Jews like UK’s Jack Straw and others.
    Pity that so many Iranians are so eager to be so westernized and so in favour with all things America!! They should not be like this and should instead be proud of their own historical heritage which is much older than America!

  2. Hi Kevin, this is my latest on China – as promised during the interview.


    China – A New Philosophy of Economics (15 November 2018)

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