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Open Letter to Angela Merkel, re: Mounir el Motassadeq and Berlin Christmas false flag

Introduction: Elias Davidsson has done excellent work undermining the official stories of various terror PR stunts including 9/11 and the 26/11 Mumbai massacre. Here is his new letter to Angela Merkel on Mounir el Motassadeq, one of many Moroccans who have been falsely blamed for false flag terror events. Motassadeq was recently freed after spending almost two decades in prison for a crime, 9/11, that he had absolutely nothing to do with. –Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Open Letter to Mrs. Chancellor Angela Merkel

Dear Chancellor Merkel,

I am writing to you regarding the fake terrorist attack that took place at a Christmas market in Berlin on 19 December 2016.

As we both know, you were forced by dark forces that reside outside Germany to authorize and cover up this act of public deception. I guess that this decision was hard on you. 

The facts of this particular case are meanwhile seeping into public awareness. More and more citizens suspect that the official account on the Berlin attacks are contrived and that your government is covering up the facts. Such suspicions do not only undermine your credibility and that of your government, but also of the civilian institutions who participated in this act of deception, including the medical profession, firefighters, emergency workers and the police. When such institutions cannot anymore trusted, the very rule of law is under threat. I doubt that this is your intention.

I therefore call upon you, Mrs. Merkel, to publicly acknowledge the dilemma you had to face before authorizing the above operation, reveal the identities of those who railroaded you to this decision and the nature of the pressure they used on you. By acknowledging these facts you can redeem the loss of confidence that you have experienced in recent months and place yourself at the service of the people who voted for you. Acknowledging these facts will make it harder on your enemies, internal and external, to harm you.

I wish to use this opportunity to draw your attention to the case of my friend Mounir el Motassadeq, a Moroccan national who has spent more than 10 years in a German prison, innocent of any crime. Mr. el Motassadeq was unjustly convicted by a Hamburg court and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment because Germany’s subservience to the United States. This conviction tars the reputation of Germany’s justice system and that of your government. Unless the German government apologizes to Mr. el Motassadeq and award him his due remedies, this crime will remain a historical blot on Germany, on its government and on all those who colluded in punishing this innocent man.

Praying and hoping that your sense of propriety will prevail and that no one will harm you for having read and acted upon this letter, I remain,


Elias Davidsson
(address is known by the editors)

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  1. saleh kmeshi

    Thank you Elias Davidsson, and hope the letter reach the Chancellor .

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