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FFWN special: The Murder of Jamal Khashoggi in the Changing Business of Energy, Banking and War

The Murder of Jamal Khashoggi in the Changing Business of Energy, Banking and War

1. In an era of unbridled militarism, torture, debt enslavement, and journalistic malfeasance the murder of Jamal Khashoggi captures massive global attention

1.A Jamal Khashoggi, Washington Post, “Arab World Needs Free Expression,” 17 Oct./18

1.B Real News, “Khashoggi picked wrong prince say Prof. As’ad AbuKhalil

1.C. Picture- Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

1.D Picture-Prince Talal and Michael Jackson

1.E Picture-Prince Talal, Jamal Khashoggi and Bill Gates

1.F. Picture-Jamal Khashoggi, JK and Talal

1.G. Picture, Twitter Exchange between Prince Talal and Donald Trump

2. The Rise (and Fall?) of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS)

2.A. Rise of MBS on Vox, 23 Jan/2018

2.B The Rise AND FALL of MBS

Prince bin Salman and his strong-armed display of force over Saudi elites incarcerated as prisoners in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh

2-c, Picture. MBS and Vision 2030

2.D. Picture-MBS in Business Suit

2.E. Picture-MBS with Trump Purchasing Weapons to Kill Yemeni Civilians

2.F. Picture-Foreign Workers Leaving Saudi. Why?

2.G. Picture, MBS with Macron and Hariri

2.H. Picture, Clash of Civilizations within Saudi

3. A. Ritz-Carlton Prison

3.B. American mercenaries (Blackwater/Academi) hired to torture Saudi elites

3.C. Interview with Prince Alwaleed bin Talal after Ritz-Carlton 

3.E. Picture, Gates, Talal and
Jamal Khashoggi Meet

3.F. Prince Talal and British Monarchy

3.G. Alwaleed and Trump Twitter Exchange

4, The Fame and Shame of the Turkish-Saudi Family of  Dr. Mohamed Khaled Khashoggi and His
Wife Samiha Ahmed

4.A. Picture– Adnan Khashoggi and His Nephew, Jamal Khashoggi

4.B. Jamal Khashoggi’s interview in Turkey may have aroused anger in high

4.C. Jamal Khashoggi (JK) with Islamic mujahadeen in Afghanistan prior to 9/11. JK was a devotee and member of the Muslim Brotherhood

4.D. Adnan Khashoggi, then billed as “the richest man in the world,” was featured in the hit TV show, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”

Lifestyles of Rich and Famous

4.E. Adnan Khashoggi’s CIA Handler, Kermit Roosevelt

4.F. Adnan Khashoggi, Peter Munk, George H.W. Bush, and Brian Mulroney in the Wild West History of Barrick Gold

Hall, “Barricading Canadian Democracy,” Veterans Today, 27 Sept. 2015

4.G.Picture–From Gold Standard to Petrodollar, Nixon and King Feisal in Saudi Arabia

4.H. Ibn Saud with Franklin Roosevelt, 1945 oil resourse of Saudi Arabia are “a stupendous source of strategic power and one of the great material prizes of world history.” US State Department, 1945

4.I. Israel and Saudi Arabia

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