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E. Michael Jones: Kavanagh battle = “Catholics vs. Jews”—why can’t we talk about this?

Leading Catholic intellectual E. Michael Jones discusses his new article “The Hidden Grammar of the Kavanagh Hearings,” published in the November issue of Culture Wars. Jones first cites Pat Buchanan:

“They rejected Brett Kavanaugh the day he was nominated. Why? Because the judge is a conservative and a Catholic, hence an unreliable vote to sustain Roe v. Wade…”

Jones says Buchanan only tells half the story:

“It was ultimately a Muslim who supplied the missing term to this equation. Kevin Barrett, who has been described as the Muslim H.L. Mencken, wrote a satirical piece for Veterans Today which portrayed the hearings as a Catholic-Jewish struggle:

‘In the latest shocking turn of events in an increasingly twisted saga, embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanagh has announced his impending conversion to Judaism. Speaking at a hastily-convened press conference on the Capitol steps, Kavanagh said he will undergo a conversion ceremony, including a public circumcision by top Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi Yehuda Karinski, at the National Cathedral in Washington DC beginning at noon tomorrow…'”

(Read Kavanagh converts to Judaism to save Supreme Court nomination: Circumcision ceremony scheduled for noon tomorrow at National Cathedral)

Is there really an ongoing cultural battle in the US between Catholics and Jews? And is there a taboo against even raising the question?

The USA is supposed to be the land of free speech. So let’s speak freely! After all, that’s what Truth Jihad Radio is all about.

One Thought to “E. Michael Jones: Kavanagh battle = “Catholics vs. Jews”—why can’t we talk about this?”

  1. Russ Hallberg

    Diversionary tactic. The Jesuits and Catholic Knights of Malta use the Zionist Jews as patsies. The CIA was founded by a Knight of Malta. The Jesuits were behind every US president assassination. Do your homework.

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