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Peter Koenig on US (trade) wars on China, Iran, Syria, Russia…and pretty much everybody else

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Guest: Ex-World Bank economist Peter Koenig.

Under Trump the US is picking a trade war with China, the rising #1 threat to American global hegemony…and getting ready to confront the Middle Kingdom militarily, not only in the South China Sea, but also along the “string of pearls” of the Indian Ocean region, and the larger Belt and Road initiative to unite Eurasia free of Atlanticist influence. But the Americans can’t ever seem to get enough enemies, so they are simultaneously fighting Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and even launching trade wars against their own occupied “allies”!

But all of this warmongering can’t disguise the fact that the underlying economic and geographic trends point toward a collapse of US empire that could come sooner rather than later. Peter Koenig, whistleblowing former World Bank economist, joins us to read the global tea leaves.

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