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Jonathan Simon: Was the 2016 election rigged for Trump? Will the midterms be rigged too?

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Guest: Jonathan Simon of the Election Defense Alliance.

Even Donald Trump noticed that rigged voting machines stole the 2016 Democratic primaries from the real victor, Bernie Sanders. But did the same corporate hackers also rig the November 2016 election for Trump? Prima facie evidence, in the form of a massive “red shift” (discrepancy between exit polls and “results”) in key swing states, suggests they did.

So will the usual suspects rig the midterms to prevent a Democratic sweep? And will the American people ever wake up to the fact that black box voting machines have been rigging all of their most important elections since 2003?

No Lies Radio will present a very timely, important online discussion on the stolen elections of 2016 on Saturday, October 6, via livestream 3:00pm EST. 

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel will moderate 3 really great powerhouse speakers:

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