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2 Thoughts to “R U in a Patriotic State? (4th of July special)”

  1. “Patriotism” is just another word for : “cheerleader for the local ruling class”. The degree of “patriotism” is gauged by one’s degree of addiction to propaganda, official lies, servitude and the herd.

    A country/state – at least the modern version of it – is just an enclosed space, with imaginary arbitrary fences, where the local ruling class manages a bunch of human-cattles, with propaganda, lies, armed police, narcissistic bureaucrats, arbitrary rules and regulations pulled out of their ass…etc. They do human-farming on behalf of the very upper ruling class.

    The sooner you get rid of your mental chains, the sooner you will leave the collective cage. But are you really longing not to be in a cage anymore ?. Are you really longing not to have the boots of bullies pressing against your neck anymore ?. That’s the dreadful question, for it is difficult to long for something you never had, nor at least tasted.

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