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Peter Myers and Ed Corrigan on Helsinki, Zionism, and what it all means

Is the Zionist oligarchy split on Trump?

Broadcasts LIVE Friday, July 20, 8 to 10 pm Eastern, Revolution.Radio

First hour: Australian researcher Peter Myers discusses topics raised in his recent email digests (see below).

Second hour: Canadian human rights lawyer Ed Corrigan continues the conversation.

From Peter Myers:

Trump calls off Cold War II; Deep State & Media go berserk

(1) Jewish commentary on the Trump-Putin summit

by Peter Myers, July 20, 2018

My readers are finely attuned to Jewish politics. And whilst we know that the MSM is overwhelmingly Jewish-owned and operated, it’s worth noting dissident Jewish voices too – lest we overstate the case.

Roger Cohen, of the New York Times, lambasts Trump; but NYU Russia expert Stephen F. Cohen sides with Trump, saying he is defusing the risk of nuclear war.

Henry Kissinger regards China as the emerging threat; he advised Trump to accept Crimea as part of Russia. (item 10).

David Stockman calls The Vlad And Donald Show ‘A Glorious Blow For Peace!’ (item 11).

The Trotskyist site wsws, probably Jewish, whilst generally hostile to Trump, is even more averse to the Deep State; which, it suggests, killed JFK. wsws are the only Trots to maintain such a position; most ‘street’ Trots follow Chomsky’s Denialism, and backed CIA intervention in Libya & Syria. (item 3).

Michel Chossudovsky, of Global Research, also gives Trump the edge over the Deep State.

David Horowitz, formerly of the Far Left, sides with Trump, but has become a hardline Zionist.

(2) US Media goes berserk over Trump-Putin Press Conference; John Brennan calls it ‘Treasonous’

(3) Deep State gets Trump to recant partially. But same deep State killed JFK – wsws

(4) Trump Calls Off Cold War II – Pat Buchanan

(5) Trump-Putin Fallout: Bipartisan Hysteria Against Peace

(6) ‘Disgraceful’ and ‘tragic’ – John McCain

(7) Putin refutes allegations in Fox interview with Chris Wallace

(8) Putin Confronts The American Dystopia – Paul Craig Roberts

(9) U.S. blew its ‘unilateral moment’. Instead of making friends with Russia it drove it into China’s hands

(10) Henry Kissinger ‘advised Donald Trump to accept’ Crimea as part of Russia

(11) The Vlad And Donald Show—A Glorious Blow For Peace! – David Stockman

 Gallup poll shows Americans not concerned about Russia. Democrats do a U-turn on Open Borders

(1) Gallup poll shows that ordinary Americans are not concerned about Russia – unlike the Elite

(2) Dems new doctrine: Working Class are Deplorables. But they’ll pay at election time – Steve Bannon

(3) Democrats do a U-turn on Open Borders, fear becoming hostage to Far Left as elections approach

(4) “Unmasking Antifa” Act Introduced In Congress: 15 Year Sentence For Masked Mayhem

(5) Anti-Antifa bill would send Masked Demonstrators to Prison for 15 Years

(6) Undaunted by criticism, Trump looks to next Putin meeting

Israel passes Apartheid nationality law that excludes Arabs

(1) Israel passes Apartheid nationality law that excludes Arabs

(2) Israel’s Nationality Law humiliates Israeli Arabs – they are not part of the nation

(3) Israel’s Nation-State Law converts de-facto Apartheid into de-jure Apartheid

(4) Israel passes law granting Jews ‘exclusive right to national self-determination’

(5) US Jewish Groups criticize the new Racist law, but do not break with Israel

(6) Nationality law spells ‘death of our democracy’

(7) Text of the new Basic Law

Congress to vote on $38 billion aid for Israel. Israel gets the bulk of US Aid, yet it is preparing a Moon landing

(1) Congress will soon vote on a $38 billion military aid package for Israel

(2) Israel plans to land unmanned spacecraft on moon in February


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