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Greg Felton: American politics is a living joke

Like my 2013 Saudi Israeli article, this Simpsons episode from 2000 now appears prescient

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In his latest satirical article, ex-mainstream journalist Greg Felton asks: “What do you get when you mash together The Beverly Hillbillies, House of Cards and The Godfather?” I’ll tell you what you get: A Living Joke!, the first political satire that is also a reality TV show!”

Is Greg referring to the Trump presidency, its Democratic deep state opponents, or all of the above? Tune in and find out!

Final 20 minutes: Kevin reads his prescient 2013 article “Will Israel Merge With Saudi Arabia?

One Thought to “Greg Felton: American politics is a living joke”

  1. KB: your Simpsons image + your guest remind me of this 20 second Family Guy clip; Mel Gibson apologizes….

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