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U.S. activists offer help to Iran over 9/11 court ruling (Press TV)

Press TV

US political activists have urged Iran to appeal a New York court ruling that orders Tehran to pay a massive amount of money to the victims of the September-eleven attacks. In a letter to the Iranian government, nearly 40 activists said they are ready to give court testimony in support of Iran’s innocence. They said the case is QUOTE extremely weak and Iran will likely win if it chooses to defend itself. The signers of the letter are prominent critics of the official narrative about the 2001 attacks. In April, the Southern District Court of New York issued a verdict based on which Iran must pay more than six billion dollars to the nine-eleven victims. Iran has rejected the ruling as politically motivated. The attacks were (allegedly -KB) carried out by 19 skyjackers, 15 of whom were Saudis and the rest were from three Arab countries of the Middle East.

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