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Airline pilot Ralph Rodehag discusses 9/11, UFOs, and more

Many courageous pilots have spoken out about 9/11. Now Ralph Rodehag joins them.

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Do any commercial pilots actually believe the official story of 9/11? Not if they’ve taken a serious look at it. Most know or suspect, but are afraid to speak out. Today’s guest, Ralph Rodehag, is a courageous exception.  -KB

My name is Ralph Rodehag and I was born in Sweden 1959. I had a nice childhood growing up filled with love and support. My biological father died when I was about 2 years old. My mother worked in the hospitals as a nurse and was a very loving person always caring for others. During my growth I spent time both in Sweden and in the USA as I had an American stepdad and family. I was active in sports, had an interest to become a pilot since the age of 7 and did good in school. Eventually I started flying. I started with soaring at age 15. I also was active with the military, learning about flying. This included the Royal Swedish Air Force, Civil Air Patrol and later the Swedish Army for my service.

I participated in an International Air Cadet Exchange 1976 where I visited Andrews AFB and met the tops of the USAF. I also went to Edwards AFB seeing the first space shuttle being built ( the Enterprise), the B1-B bomber being developed and built, the A-10 among things. We also went to Beale AFB to see the SR-71 which was new for that period. However my interest for the military disappeared around the age of 20 as flying now became part of my life. I did training in Reading, PA. I flew as an instructor and commuter copilot for about 3 years but because of the economy in the US, I decided to go back to Europe in 1981 to try my luck there for an aviation career. I eventually made European licenses and continued my path in Europe and today I am an airline captain on Boeing 737-800 aircraft with one of Europe’s leading airlines.

My interest in life came actually around the age of 15 when I read about UFO contacts and observations. However as I was active both in sports, music, military and school the real interest really did not start until the age of 20. I had an unusual experience that caused me to start thinking about who I was and where we all go on this planet. This all happened in the US. My American stepdad was very much involved with this but I awoke independently to all this. I never had the influence from my mom or dad. So this led me to start searching about who we are. I met very interesting people through time like a Royal Adviser, An Air Force Officer who was in charge of UFO investigation, a NATO commander, financial people who works in the top of our world. I met very different people with their own experiences as well as researchers who were very serious. I have lived a very normal life, working and I have been married with a South American woman since 2008. We met in Luxembourg in the gym. I actively play golf and I try to make to become a golf instructor. Today, I actively study about our planet and how we are controlled. I have known this through my contacts since 30 years so many of the things that  come out today are not really new but more detailed than I knew then. I have acquired some good knowledge throughout time and I wish to share this with my fellow humans for truth and hopefully for a better and a more free world in the future. I have traveled a lot and I have studied cultures and religions.I have lived in the US, all of Western Europe and the Middle East. I have friends and acquaintances from the whole world. My conclusion is that we are just all humans on a very small planet in our universe. We may advance very far as a human race. The technology we posses is like science fiction to the public. However, advancement on the social and spiritual plane is equally important.

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