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False Flag Weekly News 5-12-2018

1) PSA: Help get us through this difficult month

Stage set for Mideast Armageddon as US exits nuke deal & opens Jerusalem embassy
3) Iran’s Revolutionary Guard welcomes Trump’s pullout from nuke deal  -Mark Glenn
5) We can’t deny the similarities (between Trump and Netanyahu –l both are kosher nostra gangsters)
6) Trump Admin Used An Israeli Company to dig up dirt on JCPOA Negotiators
7) US Court Ignored Fact That 9/11 Terrorists Were Not Iranians – Lawyer
Emboldened by Trump, Israel (the actual 9/11 perp) attacks Iran
8) Israel reportedly strikes Iran-linked military base in Syria after U.S. pulls out of Iran deal
9) Israeli missiles hit Syrian radar, air defense sites – state media
10) Did Putin Give Israel a Green Light to Attack Iran in Syria?
11) Putin, Netanyahu Celebrate WW2 “Victory” Together
9/11 Truth President Back in Power in Malaysia

12) Ex-President and 9/11 truther Mahathir wins Malaysian elections – defeating Zionist ruling party

13) What Just Happened in Malaysia?
Can 9/11 truth also win in USA?
14) The Ultimate Inside Job, Part I: The Lies of 9/11, Victims File Petition to Reopen Investigation
15) Haspel helped murder 32 million Muslims and tortured countless innocents because of her “gut feeling” on 9/11


16) There is No Such Thing as Press Freedom in US– NYC Independent Journalist
17) Gilad Atzmon censored in Madison, WI
18) Was this the ad that got Gilad Atzmon censored in Madison, WI?
MSM smears dissidents as “conspiracy theorists” and promotes fake “dissent”

20) “Conspiracy Video Teaches Kids A Lesson About Fake News”

21) NYT hypes fake freethinkers (“dark web ‘heretics'”)

Crimes of Zion
22) Israeli Operatives Who Aided Harvey Weinstein Collected Information on Former Obama Administration Officials
24) State Dept condemns journalist killings, except ones by Israeli soldiers
25) The Rise of Israel’s Radical Right… Thanks to American Christians! 
Trump scandals
27) Firm linked to Russian mogul paid $500,000 to Trump attorney Michael Cohen
28) Novartis official: Michael Cohen was ‘promising access’ after Trump election
29) Trump tweets: Take away (Press) credentials?
White Helmets de-funded? Not so fast!
30) US State Department Cuts Off Funding For Syria’s White Helmets
31) UK to Continue Support of White Helmets in Syria – Foreign Office
Odds and Ends 
32) Marijuana is vastly less destructive than alcohol—so what’s wrong with Muslim countries banning booze? 

2 Thoughts to “False Flag Weekly News 5-12-2018”

  1. Shlomo

    Kevin, can you remind me the name of that mullti-decade Chief BBC Mideast Correspondent guy you interviewed a couple times– he wrote a (3-volume?) book asserting Izzy started the 6 day war via an FF. Given how that FF-pretexted war grabbed Jerusalem & more; today’s a good day to publicize that interview. TIA 🙂

    1. Shlomo

      Ah; found it, Alan Hart. Maybe you could re-publicize that show somehow today?

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