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Detroit’s Silverstein Dome Slated for Demolition Next September 11th

In the wake of the failed demolition of Detroit’s Silverdome, the surprisingly robust building has been purchased by Larry Silverstein, the 9/11 Deceptive Demolition King, and renamed the “Silverstein Dome.”

Silverstein has reportedly doubled the terror insurance on the condemned building, hardballed insurers into changing the terms to “cash payout,” and scheduled breakfast on the mezzanine next September 11th – apparently forgetting that he has also scheduled a dermatologist appointment that morning. Additionally, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been notified in order to ensure that “al-Qaeda” also schedules something interesting that day.

As the Lucky Larry’s Deceptive Demolitions slogan says:

“If you have ultra-robust buildings that need to be demolished with no fuss, no muss, no permits, and no consideration for human life, just call Larry! Our patented ‘office fires’ make even the strongest buildings implode into talcum powder, through the path of most resistance, at near free-fall acceleration. So don’t delay – call Lucky Larry today!” 

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