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ER physician active in war zones: Braden Matejka’s injury “not implausible, I have seen stranger entrance and exit wounds”

Braden Matejka – are the people accusing him Cointelpro, or just reckless and insensitive?

By Kevin Barrett,

Nobody can accuse me of not being open to “conspiracy theories.”

I have read at least several dozen books on the JFK assassination, and am 100% certain that the 11/22/63 Dallas tragedy was a coup d’état. I have been harassed by politicians, and attacked by Fox News hosts, for my research on 9/11, another 100% certain coup d’etat. And I have published three books on recent false flags, so I understand that Operation Gladio B is ongoing – and likely responsible for the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas.

So when I defend Braden Matejka – a man who says he was injured in the Las Vegas shooting – from claims that he is some sort of “crisis actor,” it is not because I believe the mainstream narrative that Paddock acted alone. It is, rather, that I just do not think Braden Matejka is a crisis actor. I think he is an ordinary guy from Lake Country BC who was injured by bullet-driven shrapnel.

When I saw the accusations against Matejka in the comments section of various youtube videos, but didn’t see enough evidence to warrant them, my curiosity was aroused. So I went on line, picked up the phone, and within fifteen minutes had spoken to Matejka’s co-workers, his father, then the man himself. Braden is well-known and apparently well-liked in his community. Nothing I heard remotely supports the suspicion that he is a crisis actor with a fake bullet wound. On the contrary, if that is the case, he and the people around him all deserve academy awards.

The case against him, if you want to call it that, ultimately boils down to claims that his wound is obviously fake. So, is it? I asked a trusted friend who happens to be an ER physician who has spent a lot of time in war zones. I would stake my life on this guy’s integrity. (He is highly intelligent, suspicious of official narratives, and thoroughly aware of the “weapons of mass deception” all around us.)

Here is his response:

From **********

well – you can tell your listeners that you got the opinion of an ER physician who has been in active war zones (not sure I told you but I recently returned from Mosul) – saw lots of ballistics and shrapnel wounds. also had some very informative conversations with Iraqi special forces guys (when they eventually got comfortable talking with me);  We were there to treat fleeing civilians as the final push to re-take mosul was going on.  I’ll fill you in next time we talk.   sure stuff I learned there  will not surprise you….

the photo:
can’t tell from this photo – but before we get to why – a few things:
cannot be a bullet wound from a high ballistics rifle (the bullets they showed belonging to the weapons of paddock were huge)   – so this  had to be a fragment or a bee bee type projectile  type entrance and exit – if that at all.
usually exit wounds are much larger in diameter – but here it suggests opposite (but  still may  be labeled correctly since there is now healing/scarring involved – would need to see them fresh to determine entrance and exit)
I am assuming it did NOT penetrate the skull – or is he claiming it did? 
 let’s  assume it did not and rather tracked through the soft tissue around and superficial to the skull circumferentially :  
the trajectory is a bit odd (curving circumferentially) – but nor entirely implausible – assuming it was a fragment/bee bee – but what is most likely to determine this is missing from the photo – he has covered the path of the trajectory with hair in the middle (not necessarily on purpose) hence obscuring the soft tissue between the two allegedly related wounds
– you see kevin – there is very little soft tissue in that area of the scalp, so its thin and easily damaged if a projectile skims under  – and there should be some soft tissue evidence of the trajectory since it was a ‘skid’ instead of a more acute angle  ‘in/out’ – so between the entrance and exit I should see some evidence which I don’t. at least I the bit of tissue between the entry and exit that IS exposed.   Is that clear proof of a faked wound ( a la WWF wrestling  in the old days)?   – no; It also depends on how old the photo is in relation to the event.  
 I have seen stranger entry and exit wounds – BUT – those have always been penetrating through a cavity and not ‘skimming’ – skimming usually leaves a trail between entrance and exit – a sinus of some sort – which eventually seals up and heals – but like I said – I would expect to see some sort of deformity in the intervening tissue since there is so little of it,  and hence was sure to be lifted/damaged/scarred in some fashion as the bullet trekked through.  hope that helps.
so in a nut shell –  can’t rule it in or out in any definitive fashion based on that photo alone.  I heard there  was a nurse somewhere that was sure it was fake??  


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