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Whistleblowing ex-World Bank economist Peter Koenig asks: Is the West governed by psychopaths?

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Peter Koenig used to work on “development” for the World Bank. Now he is working on development-through-truth. His latest article, “G20: Is the West Governed by Psychopaths?” raises uncomfortable questions about the mental state of the people who rule our world:

“Nobody has elected the G20, nor the G7. ‘G’ stands for Grand or Great. That’s how they see themselves. Everybody takes them for granted, the self-appointed megalos. Nobody seems to question their legitimacy. People only protest against what they stand for. That the G20 are sidelining the official body, the United Nations, is of no concern. Perhaps, because the UN has itself become a puppet of the invisible Masters, manipulated by their executioners, the US of A. So, has any international court that otherwise could hold them accountable for the crimes they committed over the century, or longer and keep committing. The G7, embedded in the G20, are the aggressing driving force for wars, destruction, merciless killing and perpetual chaos.”

Our discussion ventures into issues raised in my new review of Peter Frankopan’s Silk Roads.

One Thought to “Whistleblowing ex-World Bank economist Peter Koenig asks: Is the West governed by psychopaths?”

  1. Very interesting first part. Living on the border of Germany, things happening there concern us greatly. However, your wishful thinking that Germany could leave NATO and set an example, is practically impossible, since Germany still is technically an occupied state. It has no Constitution, and no real autonomy! Here's what Christopher Bollyn says about the subject:
    Loved listening to Peter and Kevin!

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