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Fake News Rumble with Rolf Lindgren and Jim Fetzer; Scott Stockdale on “History’s Greatest Fraud”

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First hour: Fake News Rumble with Trump supporter Rolf Lindgren and special guest Jim Fetzer! 
     What is “fake news”? Who is responsible for most of the lies that pass for news stories? Is Trump the solution, or part of the problem? Is the MSM the solution, or just another part of the problem?
      Our main topic in this hour is today’s big story “Dying CIA agent confesses to demolition of WTC-7” FAKE NEWS. The hoax by Jay Greenberg mixed true information about the demolition of WTC-7 with lies about a nonexistent dying CIA agent supposedly confessing. Its effect (and purpose) is to muddy the waters and discredit the truth movement. At least that’s my opinion. But Jim Fetzer disagrees – and  explains why. So who’s right? Listen and make up your own mind.

Second hour: Scott Stockdale discusses his book History’s Greatest Fraud. It begins with a Preface by Scott’s uncle, Ron Stockdale:

The Guinness Book of Records has recorded the looting of the Reichsbank in Berlin following Germany’s collapse in April and May of 1945, as the greatest robbery in history. However, this is not the whole truth. It is a half-truth – at best – that has been perpetuated for over 50 years.
     The 1980 edition of The Guinness Book of Records states:
     “The greatest robbery on record was that of the Reichsbank reserves by a civilian-U.S. military consortium in April-May of 1945. The Westphalia bearer bonds repayable in gold were for $400 million. Gold coin and bullion then valued at $3,434,626 and jewels, foreign exchange and securities valued at 23 million gold marks were stolen from the Berlin Reichsbank.” 
     The 1984 edition of The Guinness Book of Records covers much the same information, with a couple of significant additions. It states:
     “Gold bullion, foreign exchange and jewels worth $20,000,000 (worth some $200 million in 1984 dollars) were stolen by members of the German and American armies. None of the loot was recovered and none of the perpetrators was ever brought to trial. (The Pentagon described this as an unverified allegation). The largest haul consisted of negotiable securities valued at $400,000,000 (1945 dollars). In April 1979, three men were con- victed and sentenced to terms of imprisonment at Brantford, Ontario on a number of conspiracy charges in connection with some of the bonds.” 
     I, Ron Stockdale, am one of the three men referred to in the 1984 edition of The Guinness Book of Records, and I would like to weigh in on this issue. There is some misinformation here that needs to be corrected for history’s sake. First of all, the so-called greatest robbery in history, was really the greatest swindle in history: There was a master plan in place to avoid paying the rightful owners of the bonds.

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  1. Anonymous

    Great show, the first part! Not in the last place because of the surprise intervention by Jim Fetzer, whom for once you treated with respect again, Kevin. Thanks for that. You two are truly a dynamic academic duo, who precisely by not agreeing with each other, shed light on different aspects of the issues, thus enriching our poor truth-seeking minds. To be continued please!

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