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Mark Gaffney on Trump’s attack on Syria; James Petras on prescription painkiller “white plague” – a working class holocaust?

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Mark Gaffney

First 30 minutes: Mark Gaffney, author of Black 9/11 and The 9/11 Mystery Plane, responded to Trump’s recent false-flag-incited attack on Syria with an email call to action. (Read his email below.) We also discuss the prospects for world war, the secret space program, suppressed “exotic” energy technology, and the progress of the 9/11 truth movement.

Second half hour: James Petras, Bartle Professor (Emeritus) of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York, discusses his new article Death on the Prescription Plan: The ‘White Plague’ of the 21st Century, which argues that huge numbers of working-class Americans are intentionally being “deniably” murdered by the corporate oligarchy. (It is cheaper to kill them than to retrain them or keep them alive as “useless eaters.”) Petras’s article begins:

“Over the past two decades hundreds of thousands of Americans have died prematurely because of irresponsibly prescribed narcotic ‘pain killers’ and other central nervous system depressants like tranquillizers and their deadly interactions. The undeniable fact is that they have been mostly from the white working and lower middle class from rural and deindustrialized regions. The governing elite and oligarch macro-decision makers have quietly dismissed this sector of the country as ‘surplus’.”

From Mark Gaffney:


I’m sending this email because action is better than despair.

Our country has just attacked a nation, Syria, that did nothing to us. It is raw blatant aggression. US  warmongers have won again.

Today’s fateful missile attack by the US could easily lead to a nuclear confrontation with Russia and China in a matter of weeks, days or even hours. The die is cast. Time is short.

There is no hard evidence that Syrian president Assad ordered a chemical attack on his own people. The press headlines that Assad launched an attack are misleading at best. The facts are not yet all in, but it appears the toxic release and tragic deaths occurred when the Syrian Air Force bombed an al Qaeda weapons facility in Idlib province. If this is correct, the toxic release was inadvertent, a tragedy of war. Al Qaeda terrorists have controlled Idlib for most of the war. Although the US government often describes them as moderates, they have beheaded journalists, desecrated Christian churches and murdered non-Muslim civilians.

Syria gave up its chemical weapons in 2013 thanks to effective Russian diplomacy. At the time, that diplomacy saved the US from becoming militarily involved in Syria, which would have been a terrible blunder. Unfortunately, our leaders are incapable of learning.

It is known that al Qaeda rebels in Syria acquired chemical weapons as a result of the destruction of Libya orchestrated by the warmonger Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Ghadaffi had chemical stockpiles and these “got away” after the US toppled his government. From Libya, there was an arms pipeline to al Qaeda-associated groups in Syria. The arms included chemical precursors. Thus, US aggression against Libya was largely responsible for the proliferation of chemical weapons across the region. This is the context for the latest tragedy.

Unfortunately, the American people are in the dark about all of this; because outside the Internet there is no independent media left in our country to counter government propaganda about Syria. Today, nearly all of the US media is controlled by the military industrial complex, thanks to the media consolidation allowed by Bill Clinton in the 1990s. This also explains why our political system is so dysfunctional. As Jefferson wrote, democracy cannot function without an informed public.

So, it comes down to us. We the people are the last resort, the last line of defense, the last chance for peace. Without immediate action by us, escalating events may soon result in the unthinkable.

But perhaps if enough of us get on the phone and are persistent and loud enough, our Senators and Congressional reps will do their job, which is to represent us. Congress must immediately pass legislation rescinding the broad war powers bestowed on the president after 9/11.

Here is the Washington Capitol switchboard number (202-224-3121). Please call Friday morning — EARLY!  We must catch our reps before the weekend.

Peace, Mark

5 Thoughts to “Mark Gaffney on Trump’s attack on Syria; James Petras on prescription painkiller “white plague” – a working class holocaust?”

  1. Anonymous

    Kevin! You and Tony jogged me to check out alternative suppliers to amazon. (I am a voracious reader!). Well, my one man BSD campaign against the evil empire of amazon*is underway! I discovered AbeBooks out of Victoria Canada, and they are both better and cheaper! Have already placed two successful, rapid orders with them, and my savings vis a vis amzn amounts to at least 25 bucks, and that's just for two books! So pass the word about AbeBooks and others out there! Yo!

    *Your VT colleague Preston James claims, reliably i trust, that amzn has a 300 million dollar 'contract' w none other than the CIA, for data mining and god knows what else.

    Re: the amzn electronic book burning I cant help but think of the terrific Korean proverb which says "The first to strike is the first to admit his arguments have failed."

    One more nugget which applies oh so well to false flag op analyses, and this one's by none other than JFK:
    "Things dont just happen; they're made to happen."

    Kudos to both you and Tony. Your words are having their desired effect!!

  2. Anonymous

    As a harsh critic of Duff, I do continue to read his articles and do see some good info such as about the spying rocks. IRAN identified these along the time Stuxnet was being activated in 2010. What continues to be my problem with Duff is that because he says such ‘crazy’ (intentionally?) things as, “you can only believe 40% of what I say” and other such remarks that when he does say something that may be truthful and significant it is tossed in the basket as an untrustworthy source. I say this about Duff because I have read it around the web many many times. To me, this makes Duff just as much a disinfo agent as Jones because when Duff points to the truth it gets immediately dismissed as non-credible. Do you get what I am saying? The fact that I continue to read Duff’s articles is only because I am someone who looks at a whole array of sources which many do not have the time or inclination to do.

    It was I who sent you and others the looong list of Trump’s damning Zionist ties though, admittedly and regrettably, I voted for him thinking he had also gotten himself in so deep with his “America First” working class rhetoric that he may not risk losing his base. Of course it is clear to see now this isn’t the case. It was a gamble that didn’t pay off. How was stumbling, coughing, dazed, Benghazi-sent-chemical-weapons to Syria Hillary/goofy Kaine supposed to run the country anyway? Let’s face it, it was a no-win situation but what we know for sure is the American PEOPLE have continuously voted for the candidate that promised no more wars and cleaning up our act here at home. The American PEOPLE are for the most part peaceful but unfortunately easily manipulated.

  3. Anonymous

    Also, Kevin, I am very VERY concerned about Trump’s ‘armada’ to NK and we will SOON find out the consequences. Either way it is a lose-lose situation. Of course the best case scenario is that Trump stands down but that can only embolden Kim as he will think (know) that Trump is afraid of him and not Assad or even RUSSIA. Trump had the perfect opportunity with hosting Xi to cooperate with China and let it be known that they were indeed cooperating on neutralizing Kim while the strike in Syria was settling down. But he chose instead to be a stupid ass and humiliate Xi while putting the WORLD in a no win crisis mode. I am not too concerned about another strike in Syria as, if you remember, the Russians have the advanced Khubini (think that is how it is spelled) electronic black out technology that they tested successfully on the USS Donald Cook back in 2014. I seriously doubt the US has countered that already. Russia continues to fight the propaganda war but another US strike on Syria would have to go beyond symbolic so can not and will not be tolerated.

  4. Gordon did assess Trump accurately as a corrupt, lying Zio-mafia stooge who will become a war president if he isn’t removed first.

  5. The "AIDS virus" has been mentioned on truthjihad a few times recently, as if it is an established fact. The AIDS hoax has been debunked a while ago by honest scientists (not the "global-warming" kind of "scientists", aka 'scientists for hire'), but it seems as if some haven't done their homework yet on that subject. Start by checking out the excellent set of videos while still available ('House of Numbers') :

    As for trying to avoid getting sick at all cost (vaccines !!!), the immune system needs to be challenged regularly by bacteria and viruses to remain competent. Use it or lose it. Keep in mind that whatever you put in your body, affects the immune system, such as taking Ibuprofen against pain/inflammation, which hinders white cells from maturing and limits the motility of those already mature. Even a seemingly innocent move such as eating the hybrid wheat of today, places an unnecessary burden on your immune system (feeling bloated ?).

    A great guest for the podcast would be Dr. Nancy T. Banks (, author of 'AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire'. Even though she had a mainstream education (Yale), she goes into topics that cowards and hypocrites dare not go into.

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