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James Perloff disowns Trump; Cheryl Curtiss on Zionists vs. Left Forum; Eric Walberg on geopolitics and Islam

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“Jail her”? Or follow her orders to attack Syria?

First half hour: NWO critic James Perloff, author of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior and other books, used to like some of Trump’s talking points. Now he is seriously disillusioned. James discusses Trump’s attack on Syria, and admits that Trump’s close relations to Zionist extremists should have been a warning sign of what was coming.

Second half hour: Cheryl Curtiss discusses the attempt of Zionist gatekeepers to keep 9/11 truth and related topics out of the Left Forum, America’s biggest event for the Left. (I will be there again this year, insha’allah.) Here is my talk “Why Chomsky Is Wrong About 9/11” from last year’s Left Forum – it begins halfway through the youtube. Maybe this is the reason why the gatekeepers are trying to stop me from coming this year?

Second hour: Eric Walberg,  discusses various topics relating to Islam and Islamo-Christian Civilization, including those I heatedly discussed with Ibrahim Soudy last week. Eric is much taken with Graeme Wood’s book on ISIS, which he recently reviewed. We also touch on Syria and geopolitics.

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