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Ex-CIA now Open Source Intel Luminary Robert David Steele; Ex-political prisoner and refugee Brendon O’Connell

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Robert David Steele exposes false flags in Orlando False Flag: The Clash of Histories

First hour: Former CIA Clandestine Services Officer Robert David Steele will be giving a “new stump speech … at the Cosmoplitan Club in NYC on 18 May — it will be video-taped and posted to YouTube and is the official start of the 2nd American Revolution.” Get a preview of the revolution on tonight’s show. Donations welcome here.
       In this show, Steele predicts that a major pedophilia scandal, unleashed by a Wikileaks data-dump, will destroy the careers of several leading Republican political figures, leading to a Democratic sweep in the 2018 elections and the impeachment and conviction of Donald Trump.

Second hour: Brendon O’Connell spent three years in prison based on this youtube video. Meanwhile, every single day, tens of thousands of examples of vastly worst hate speech – directed against victims, not oppressors – permeate all forms of Western discourse, and are accepted and internalized by hundreds of millions of people.
    Did O’Connell speak truth to power? Did he express or exaggerate that truth in offensive terms? What are the limits of discourse when speaking out against oppression to a member of the oppressor group who is essentially an apologist for genocide?
     Only a moral imbecile could think O’Connell ever deserved prison. Whether you think he deserves a medal for valor, or a verbal reprimand for going too far, is another matter. Watch the video, listen to this show, and decide for yourself.
     Maisoon Rice, a friend and supporter of Brendon O’Connell, will also join us….
     During this show, Brendon O’Connell references some of the following material:

Interview 1 –
Interview 2 –
Interview 3 –

These two video’s of me at a Perth Sydney Gaza Rally would also be insightful for anyone wanting to know what I’m about.

Perth –
Sydney –

Also, this is the ACTUAL video I was arrested for. This is a modified one with commentary. The link to the blog contains excellent information also.



Important info too – Israel has “kill switched” the internet.

My main writing on Israeli intelligence activity


I’d say with those links you pretty much know what I’m about 🙂

-Brendan O’Connell

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