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Barbara Honegger on new 9/11 Pentagon photo – slam-dunk proof official story is a lie!

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Dwain Deets, Barbara Honneger, Matt Sullivan and me at DC 9/11 conference

Barbara Honegger – the former Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey – is a leading 9/11 investigator and activist. (Watch her film “Behind the Smoke Curtain and her presentation on The 28 Pages and JASTA at last year’s Left Forum, where she will again be appearing this year.)

In this interview Barbara discusses the question of what really happened at the Pentagon on 9/11/01. Barbara says that a batch of supposedly “misplaced” photos that have recently emerged contains one in particular that blows the official story to smithereens. That photo, reproduced below, shows the wall of the Pentagon’s B Ring across from the alleged “exit hole” in the C Ring that the official story claims was made  by what was left of a crashed 757’s nose cone and fuselage. The relevant section of the B Ring’s wall features no evidence of any impact, no structural damage whatsoever, just a sort of smoky smudge. Yet we are told that such a massive force blew through the C Ring wall that it blasted huge, perfectly circular hole in that reinforced concrete wall! Had a plane, missile, etc. actually blasted through the C Ring wall with the force to create such a hole, it would have massively damaged the B Ring wall just several meters behind it. Yet no such damage is evident. Ergo the C Ring hole was made in some other way. (Namely, by shaped explosive charges.) This is slam-dunk proof that Pentagon insiders used shaped charges, and a ridiculous “smudge” (using spray paint or a smoke bomb?) to create absurdly phony “evidence” of a plane impact.

The official story says that the plane blasted through the C Ring leaving the hole below, but didn’t damage this B Ring wall

The alleged “exit hole” in the C Ring

From a pre-9/11 military drill lamely simulating a plane crash into the Pentagon

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