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London false flag: Brought to you by Bibi?

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First hour: Was Bibi Netanyahu behind the recent London “terror attack”? That’s the contention of tonight’s guest Ian Greenhalgh of Veterans Today. For details, check out Ian’s article  Israel murders British policeman and innocent tourists in heart of British democracy. And for the context and evidence suggesting that this was indeed a false flag, don’t miss my gone-viral article: Another London false flag? (updated)

Second hour: Vinnie Eastwood was born in the ominous year of 1984 ‚ the same year set out in Orwell’s masterpiece and the year of New Zealand’s neo-liberal economic reforms. “It’s on the points we agree that we should come together and collaborate, those we disagree upon, we can argue about infinitely, so let’s leave those aside for another time, perhaps a time when we’re no longer under the threat of enslavement and subsequent extermination by a bunch of ruthless, criminal, sociopathic, scumbaggery.”   We may also be joined by Veterans Today Editor Gordon Duff, assuming he can get his radio wristwatch to work.

4 Thoughts to “London false flag: Brought to you by Bibi?”

  1. "We may also be joined by Veterans Today Editor Gordon Duff, assuming he can get his radio wristwatch to work."

    Hopefully ISIS will have stolen his wrist-watch by then.

  2. The arabic proverb states : "She accused me of having her malady then snuck away".

    "Holly War" and "Infidels" concepts are often used in sentences right next to the word 'Islam', and mentioned as a proof that Islam is retarted. While in fact those 2 concepts are non-existant in Islam, they are inventions of Europeans from the time of the crusades when their masters wanted to mobilize their stupid flock to travel miles away to massacre a bunch of "Saracens". That is not to say that some stupid Muslims have not adopted those concepts as theirs.

    Also, often one hears Israeli propaganda accusing Palestinian fighters of using "Human Shields". While in fact the whole establishment of the so-called country of Israel is nothing but a giant "Human Shield" operation : some deranged egomaniacs claiming to be Jews, go around the world terrorizing and bribing ordinary naive Jews to go populate Palestine and displace the native man, woman and child.

  3. Anonymous

    Kevin, I'm a loyal listener and respect your work a lot.The notorious 6 million number may be a myth, I'll give you that. But your and Ian's gas chambers chatter and jokes are an insult. I've grown up in 2 formerly Nazi-occupied countries and had to hear the camps' survivors stories during all of my youth, and we had to watch films and documentaries until we got literally sick. Those survivors and films did not lie. I suggest you invite a few guests to your show who are survivors' offspring and studied history, instead of pretty ignorant Anglo-Saxon cynics who think they invented the wheel 70 years later.

  4. I would love to feature such guests. Please email me at kbarrett(at)merr[dot]com with their contact info.

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