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Dave Fura on 9/11 TAP (Truth Action Project); Sander Hicks on 9/11 truth interview with Michael Moore

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First hour: Marine Veteran and electrical engineer Dave Fura, Ph.D.  discusses TAP, the 9/11 Truth Action Project — “a spin-off from the volunteer network previously nurtured by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth), the most influential 9/11 organization … a  grassroots organization to mobilize and coordinate the efforts of hundreds of thousands of volunteers across the U. S. and abroad.”

Second hour: Sander Hicks recently visited Washington, DC for “9/11 truth covers the Trump inauguration.” While there he managed to score an interview with Michael Moore, the long-time closeted 9/11 truther who may now be finally coming out of the closet.
     In my latest article and FFWN broadcast  Only 9/11 truth can “make America great again” – here’s why I wrote: “We are staring disaster in the face – the big, ruddy, loudmouthed face of one Donald J. Trump. And almost all of Trump’s disastrous moves are pure products of the Big Lie of 9/11. It’s almost as if Trump is stuck in the shocked, paranoid world of 9/12/2001.”
     Is 9/11 truth the only cure for American fascism? And does Michael Moore finally get that? Listen and judge for yourself.

3 Thoughts to “Dave Fura on 9/11 TAP (Truth Action Project); Sander Hicks on 9/11 truth interview with Michael Moore”

  1. Let's talk about the left / right con game. We must educate others that we are all being duped & that is our doom.

  2. Anonymous

    "Once we figure out 9/11…" your guest says? After over 15 years you're still
    trying to figure out how to present 9/11 Truth without mentioning Israel?
    AE 911 Truth Brochures, Petitions, Websites; c'mon this is politically correct nonsense!
    In another 15 years, 30 years after 9/11, the so-called 9/11 Truth movement will still be the saying the same thing. Shame on you.

  3. Anonymous

    Kevin and Dave,
    Although I agree to an extent with the above post (politically correct nonsense), I admire your stamina. One suggestion:
    rather than buildiing 7, show people a photo of building 6, which lost its 'core' BEFORE either Twin Tower fell down!

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