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Psychology professor William Woodward discusses “witch hunts vs. academic freedom”; Joachim Hagopian on Pizzagate

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First hour: University of New Hampshire psychology professor William Woodward – a 9/11 truth-seeker – survived a 2006 witch-hunt by the usual suspects and is still teaching and pursuing the truth wherever it leads. (The anti-Woodward witch hunt followed closely on the heels of my own academic freedom battle at the University of Wisconsin.) Tonight we will discuss various topical issues, including several current cases of academic freedom under attack:

* Suspended pro-9/11-truth University of Lethbridge tenured professor Tony Hall has been vindicated by his national faculty association which is going all-out to get him reinstated;

*Oberlin College professor Joy Karega may pursue legal action after she was fired for expressing her views on false flag terrorism on social media;

* Former tenured Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy, fired for questioning the official stories of possible false flag events, is going to court in search of justice (please contribute to his legal defense fund).

Second hour: Joachim Hagopian, a star contributor to Orlando False Flag: The Clash of Histories, has written two recent articles about the Pizzagate controversy:

Pizzagate dissected and exposed

Was the Pizzagate almost-shooting a deep state false flag? If not, it sure was conveniently used to further demonize alt media and “fake news” 

Martin Hill will call in to weigh in on the controversy and discuss Trump’s appointments (including 9/11 suspect Steven Mnuchin).

Note: Joachim is in Bali without fully reliable internet service, so Martin is standing by …

5 Thoughts to “Psychology professor William Woodward discusses “witch hunts vs. academic freedom”; Joachim Hagopian on Pizzagate”

  1. Hi Kevin, Dr. Tracy's was taken offline a couple weeks ago by WordPress, giving a "Terms of Service Violation" msg to visitors. Then beginning around a week ago that changed to "Private…"

    Do you know the story?

  2. No, I never heard of private blogs. I will ask him.

  3. I go back and forth on Pizzagate, and then came up with the idea that hey, maybe it's both, i.e, a deflection/set-up *and* is actually true.

    Either way, I absolutely believe there are horrific child pornography rings going on, especially by people in power. Scan through this article for an amazing inventory of US public figures who have been convicted of pedophilia.

    And for a hard-hitting inside report on child/baby pedophilia, listen to this interview with Ole Dammegard and Carine Hutsebaut. She's been an activist on the crime for the past 30 years interfacing with both victims and abusers. It really gets repugnant when they start talking about dungeons.

    On another note, I hear the lawsuit Virginia Roberts filed against Jeffrey Epstein is soon coming up on the docket. There is no way Trump's name cannot be invoked given that at the time of Roberts' sexual molestations, she worked at Mar-a-Lago. The trial is going to be either massively covered up, or become a hilarious, tintillating Monica Lewinsky saga on steroids.

  4. en parlant pizzagate t'as vu les logos pedophiles que le FBI a fourni…

  5. c'est un truc de malades. des que tu remets en cause le narratif officiel tu te fais soit fiche, soit mettre en psychiatrie, soit t'es expulse de ton travail. Et ca parle encore de democraite, des droits civils, humains. C'est une dictature, et le trump va finir le boulot de bush via Tel Aviv, son rôle est de détruire et diviser les USA, comme le moyen Orient ou l'Europe le sont via divers agendas sionistes. Tu peux apporter toutes les preuves que tu veux, ca change rien. Une dictature ca se combat… et ca les sionistes ne l'ont pas encore saisi, jusqu'à ce qu'ils leur passent en révolution en bonne et due forme.

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