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“Nobody saw it coming” ?! We called the election last March 27th!

This was predictable – thank the pro-Hillary Establishment and sheeple who supported her

Flashback to last March 27th – here is my radio show listing:

Musa al-Gharbi: Hillary Clinton will lose to Donald Trump

Listen to the interview at at

Bernie Sanders just crushed Hillary Clinton in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, with 73%, 82%, and 71% of the vote, respectively. That’s good news for the Democrats – because Hillary has exactly zero chance of winning a general election against Trump, while Bernie at least has a chance.

Today’s guest Musa al-Gharbi explains why in his article “Hillary Clinton Will Lose to Donald Trump“:

“What matters for the general election is who can win swing states and ensure high voter turnout and enthusiasm in solidly blue states…”

Perhaps even more important is that Hillary has such high negatives, and is plagued by so many scandals, that Trump’s attacks will annihilate her … at least if she hasn’t gone to prison by the time next fall rolls around.

Bernie Sanders, by contrast, is as squeaky-clean as American politicians get, has a lovable underdog, grandfatherly manner that defuses negative campaigning, and has the populist appeal to take the wind out of Trump’s sails.

What it boils down to is, a vote for Hillary is a vote for President Trump.

3 Thoughts to ““Nobody saw it coming” ?! We called the election last March 27th!”

  1. Anonymous

    excellent c'est le candidat false flag par excellence, le brexit et trump ont permis aux elites de frapper les marches lors du jubile de la shemitah et c'est pas fini, ils vont false flager comme blackjack et ils vont lancer des mouvements partout en europe… trump comme obama en 2008 sera handicape bien avant d'etre elu… comme c'est un ane il va lancer une petite guerre qui finira en desastre pour lui et bibi… insha Allah

    en attendant Kevin, les USA sont un guantanamo geant maintenant… vas-tu reste?


  2. Anonymous

    If you want a good laugh, go over to Truthdig and read some of the comments (to any of the articles). No wonder the "Left" is as useless as tits on a board. The Holy Right will be in control of everything and everyone from now until the end of time. I finally figured out a way to move to Europe, thank God.

  3. Anonymous You are right!! Every American, and especially every American Muslim should read this article and see the stupid comments from the ignorant masses.

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