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Debating Trump: Rolf Lindgren gives thumbs-up, Ian Greenhalgh thumbs-down

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Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein,  and the Clintons: 4 noted American sex criminals

First 40 minutes: Libertarian activist Rolf Lindgren is not just voting for Trump, he’s actually campaigning for him! What’s up with that? Listen to Kevin and Rolf go at it!

Final 20 minutes: Veterans Today Editor Ian Greenhalgh has no affection for Hillary Clinton. But he says Trump is worse – a “clear and present danger.”

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2 Thoughts to “Debating Trump: Rolf Lindgren gives thumbs-up, Ian Greenhalgh thumbs-down”

  1. Anonymous

    Some years ago before the BBC/Bank of England… really understood the power of the Internet and how it could in a second crack 100 years of “world opinion…” comments were made in the thousands on articles on the BBC’s site, that showed that the knaves knew all along that its articles was Zion speaking and/or pure psychological programing… then the comments were pretty free. Then… we got minders first step… and then a registration that required often there and elsewhere a ‘valid’ name etc. … so that the teachings… of broken lives or deaths… of decades for having the wrong opinion could demean the truthful reactions of people to “the News.”

    Now on VT… we see in a Duff articles yesterday and his creature Ian Greenhalgh recently styled on VT as Co “Editors” to an article, “comments disabled."

    The suppression of speak is the sign of Zion.
    Making one wonder, has Jim Dean lost power? It is quite possible that I am wrong but I read Jim as a measured gentlemen, patrician of Liberty and defender of the Good and… as a close slightly older friend of Duff who… did not want to criticize his friend. Has he lost control of VT? Because VT has lost I suspect huge segments of its readership in its yellow journalism campaign for the likely soon to be President who will bring in quotas if she can. It is reported that her father changed his name and was Jewish… I am not sure if that is true or not but since Obama’s mother was similarly thought to be possibly “Jewish” or part… .

    The Phrase “Comments are closed,” is the first step in knowing… psychological programing by structure… and a chilling of humanity thought… given the power of the Internet.

    In both Duff and Greenhalgh I see men who are influenced by their backgrounds… Duff has alluded to this… some Jewish step father or something like that I forget in the closet that he mentioned… I don’t necessarily care although… I admit that I note those facts… . Given the history of the last 100 years or so… sadly the Ashkenazi are guilty until proven innocent.

    I am not sure of Greenhalgh but I sense that he is at minimum so blinded by 100 years of Bk of England vetting of history and poisoning of the spiritual life of the West… and… is so unfamiliar with the concepts of individual liberty that he simply can not understand America or Americans. He admitted on your show that he had never been in American and thought Americans stupid and so did Duff the other day in effect… also on that article, "comments closed."

    In order for “Americans” whatever that is for it is not genetic… to be short sighted exactly opposite to their former often long-sited selves… it took literally a 100 years of propaganda from the first efforts to sell the FED/IRS bills through quickly the anti German WW 1 pre programing that shifted American public opinion supposedly anyway… an allowed the first assault on Germany through the World Wars, Cold War and now the anti Muslim rants of the most base racist nature, pre and post 911.

    Reading a good outline of what actually happened in WW2, ("The Myth of German Villainy") and from the sources that I have read previously, The Controversy of Zion by Reed, and between the lines, Tragedy and Hope by Quigley … etc. so far its perspective is pretty on the mark.

    It is very very VERY hard to deprogram ourselves from propaganda that is emotionally based as you know. As I have commented on VT… the first day that I sadly… admitted that I had been programed to think and feel certain things for political outcomes was quite possibly my first day of individual freedom.

    Loved your satire of the 10 reasons … about the “Holocaust,” ( facts, no gas chambers, no lines/smoke from aerial photons, no bodies, no paperwork, intercepts mention nothing about the work camps business that the English had… oh yes… no inquiry allowed.

  2. No publication likes to be snowed under by tons of comments against their editorial position.

    I think Duff and Greenhalgh have a point about Trump’s background and the people around him. So even though I don’t totally agree with them, I think it’s great that they’re pumping some (mostly valid) criticism of Trump into the alt-infosphere.

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