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Gerard Menuhin on “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil”

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Almost from the moment I garnered mainstream media notice as a voice of 9/11 truth, I became the target of a libelous Zionist campaign to smear me as a “holocaust denier” – even though I had never voiced any opinions on that issue, about which I knew next to nothing. A false and libelous Wikipedia paragraph spuriously linking me to “holocaust deniers” whose names I did not even recognize appeared, and reappeared every time it was taken down.  After years of these bizarre false accusations, I grew curious: Who was doing this, and why? Who gave them such mendacious imaginations, complete control of Wikipedia, and immunity from libel laws? And what purposes were served by falsely accusing 9/11 truth advocates of “holocaust denial”? (These accusations resurfaced last week as part of a smear campaign against Green Party Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka.)

Gerard Menuhin, son of renowned violinist Yehudi Menuhin, offers disturbing answers. His book Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil (click the title for a free download) provides a stunning compilation of repressed quotes and facts that, taken together, challenge the conventional narrative of mainstream history.

What led a prominent Jewish figure like Gerard Menuhin to take on such a “third rail” issue as holocaust revisionism – and then situate it in the context of an alleged intergenerational Jewish conspiracy for world domination via the “New World Order”? Those who find his message disturbing (as I do) should take the time to understand what he is saying, and then attempt to refute whatever is refutable. Calling him names does not qualify as a refutation.

Here is a brief statement by Gerard Menuhin elaborating on some of his statements in this interview:

Reflections on the Human Race and how it could have been successful
by Gerard Menuhin
The human race has failed and is doomed to a fate in which its state will be lower than any it has experienced to date, with the obvious exception of those who have placed it there.
Occasionally, I wonder what the world would have been like had a certain ethnicity, or in the majority of cases as is commonly accepted, a claimed ethnicity, and its rapacious followers, not intruded in its development. By this I mean that the average human, with all his inborn defects, but also his inborn abilities and interests, would quite likely have succeeded in creating a balanced environment for himself, in which the important human constituents counted most.
Deriving first from personal responsibility and common sense, he would have respected himself, as a responsible individual but also a member of a community, who lived among others and therefore was at all times potentially responsible towards (not for) them.
He would have respected the natural environment in all its forms, as he would have respected cultural diversity in all its forms. Different cultures would have been able to survive within their inherited territorial boundaries, independent of national borders.
Perhaps in solitary communion with nature, he would have accepted his role as a humble being among other beings, and yet have experienced the spiritual exaltation which comes from this bond.
He would have strived for a fulfilling existence through the realization of his internal drives, rather than by externalizing his modish persona, by buying unnecessary objects he couldn’t afford, as a distraction from the burden of being alive. He would not have degraded himself by debasing his body, his health, his appearance through bad food and absurd fashion.
Collectively, he would have ensured sufficient natural food, clean water and air for all. He would have developed an educational system which catered to individual needs, resulting in a fulfilled individual, who could form a life in tune with his interests.
He would have reproduced with forethought, according to his inherited culture.
Goods and services needed by any community would have been exchanged either by barter or by means of some commonly accepted, portable symbol of worth, which could not have been accumulated against interest. The exclusion of money and interest as we know it today, would remind us of its actual value as nothing more than a handy medium of exchange.
Finally, having concluded a fulfilled life, the individual would accept that he is a biological element of the planet, destined to die and to join other biological elements, without rebellion and without superstitious need of support from organized religion or any similar substitute.
This is not a utopian projection. It would have been perfectly feasible, if humanity had been allowed to develop organically.

5 Thoughts to “Gerard Menuhin on “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil””

  1. Anonymous

    Regarding "Reflections on the Human Race…" Would man have considered some sort of zero population growth , at some point? Why is this such a taboo subject? Isn't it part of a "Good Life" and world? Doesn't it affect all else that we wish for?

  2. Anonymous

    though Menuhim ruined most of his good comments with his 'HORDES' comment against refugees/immigrants who have changed the 'locale colour of Europe, though he does not take into account what the devastating change to the immigrants has done by USSRAELI wars, most of his comments were sensible and at long last we have a genuine Jewish Realist who KNOWS and understands the real THREAT the TRIBE that he was born to, pose to our world. HE correctly identified the Jews as a Collective being a danger to Humanity and his dismissal of some of these so called 'Jewish Truthers' that you mentioned as not doing enough is SPOT ON!! I think he was far more honest and realistic in his assessment of the 'Tribe' than even Atzmon and Mike Peled who I do not TRUST at all though I know you like him. But you tend to see the good in many whereas I do not, am very wary of them and don't trust any of them just as Menuhin stated.

  3. Anonymous

    Still no mention of the strange death of Victor Thorn here

  4. Gerard Menuhin's courage to let go of the 'addiction to the herd' and his intellectual courage are duly noted to say the least.

    That said, his 'HORDES' concerns indicate that him too (just like Jim Fetzer and many others) is afflicted by "the old man syndrome", ie : feeling more vulnerable and insecure as time rolls by, and the familiarities of a comfortable life seem to be under threat (imaginary or not).

    Has he been a religious person with the correct understandings, he would have known that, from Allah's perspective of Timelessness, his life with its ups and downs has already happened and has already been written down with all its details. Worrying will not change anything. That source of inner peace can not be understood by anyone, and certainly not by atheists set on going through this life "without superstitious need of support from organized religion".


    I was born in 1930 in Germany not got put in any Army lived with the shame i thought what my Father and older Brother had done For 70 years .In my old age found the Internet And find out My Brother was not all that bad .We are not to hate anybody . But i see and hear its O k to demonize Germans with a huge lie they deserve it. to put it mildly my blood is boiling now that i read Germany did not want war. To me the worst is even today one word about hitler you must be a Nazi put him in jail. people want to know the truth nothing less nothing more

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