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Richie Allen, Rabia talk politics, spirituality

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First 40 minutes: Richie Allen interviews Kevin Barrett, recorded last Thursday afternoon. Richie  used to be one of the leading mainstream radio hosts in Europe. Now he’s just a leading radio host – we can’t really call him mainstream any more now that he’s on can we? This interview was broadcast live on Richie’s show just a few minutes before the truck atrocity in Nice, France. Having left for a weekend vacation immediately after hanging up on Richie, I had to pull off the road, spend 75 cents on a McDonald’s senior coffee to get access to their wireless, and write a quick article:
“77 dead on 7/14” – numerology signals false flag

Final 20 minutes: Spiritual healer Rabia was supposed to discuss women and Islam. But she changed the subject to…well, you’ll just have to listen!

Rabia says her Instrument Of Love Healing Services “was created to heal, support and nourish through complete divine inspiration. We use all kinds of therapies that are appropriate for the present condition of the individual. And we take into consideration the physical, emotional and spiritual state of each individual. Therefore the remedies are specifically customized for each person. Examples of therapies we use are herbs, flower remedies, aromatherapy, energy medicine, music, food, astrology… whatever comes up for you as an individual. I have been quietly practicing this gift for 17 years and I finally received the call to bring it out to the world. I am happy to say I feel humble and grateful today to be able to share this gift. All Praise Be to the One who Enables Everything. With the One everything is possible. Thank you for allowing me to serve. Love –”

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  1. Anonymous

    Love Richie Allen. Now, what about trying to get Ken O'Keefe on the program???

  2. Sounds like a plan. I just heard from Ken yesterday…will propose a show.

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