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Journey to the End of the Night with Richard Hoagland

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This episode concludes my interview with Richard Hoagland, host of The Other Side of Midnight radio show. We discuss the bankster usury empire; why psychopaths rise to positions of power;  questions of staged shootings and crisis actors; how Edward Bernays brainwashed Americans into jumping into World War I, and how his successors have continued to stampede us into wars; the Matthew Shepard case in which a completely false story of nonexistent “homophobia” was mendaciously superimposed on a gay-on-gay drug murder; the radically un-Islamic nature of almost all “Islamic terrorists”; and we take some calls.

8 Thoughts to “Journey to the End of the Night with Richard Hoagland”

  1. Anonymous

    So What to do? Look at the guy in the red shirt in the post below:

    How is he going to change anything, when faced with such overwhelming power and control? The problem is, not the physical power hanging over his head, it is the sociological power and authority that the pigs, government, elites, pillars of culture, etc. have over him and his cause. When the majority of useful idiots in the society accept the status quo paradigms, and see anyone different as a terrorist, what chance is there to find reason, justice, and freedom? As Einstein said, "You can't solve a problem by the same consciousness that created it".

    I think the very first paradigm that needs to be attacked is Nationalism. That has got to be the biggest road block to peace ever created.

  2. Anonymous

    Hoagland? More of the endless rabbit holes you offer here. You feature an endless parade of obscure french poets, people in touch with
    space aliens, Hitler fetishists, and the snitch Fetzer's promotion of the Paul McCartney conspiracy. But zero mention of the works of William Pierce;
    who btw is way, way more influential than 99% of your "guests". You really do like to work with that left winger Bob Foote (Gordon Duff).
    Ever wonder why that old fart Foote can build something like Veterans Today from scratch and your for-profit efforts pale in comparison?
    Because Foote has access to unlimited resources, and you do not!

  3. Endless parade of obscure French poets?! And Hitler fetishists? WTF? I think you're confusing me with someone else's radio show.

  4. Anonymous

    no, it's your show and on it youve talked about
    Rene Girard an obscure french poet, & Carolyn Yeager a hitler fetishists.
    why not talk about william pierce the first 911 truther EVER!

  5. Rene Girard is not a poet. Nor is he obscure. He's one of the most important thinkers of the 20th century, some might even say THE most important.

    Yeager has been on my show ONCE. I try to include the broadest possible range of viewpoints, and she definitely helps with that effort.

    Pierce is an interesting minor historical footnote, but hardly a major thinker like Girard. What's your evidence that he was a 9/11 truther? Google pulls up: "William Pierce died too soon (2002) to realize the truth about 9/11."

  6. Anonymous

    the late william pierce of the national alliance organized the first
    of a series of protests about Israeli's involvement in 911 in November
    2001 yet the kevin barrett hosts many people who have spoken out and physically
    attacked Pierce supporters over the years. There was another protest in December of 2001
    and one of the regulars on the kevin show was there and still brags about he
    assaulted one of pierce protesters William Pierce was a major historical figure compared to the morons you regularly feature on your show in the usa, Pierce is way way more influential than every single one of you never includeanyone who has spoken positively about Pierce, so its not true that you include the broadest possible range of viewpoints how is featuring people who claim to be in contact with space aliens help 911 truth obviously you are afraid to feature the work
    of william pierce do to your political correctness

  7. I'm open to learning more about Pierce. Who should I interview about him?

  8. Hollier-than-thou A**LES, Narcissists – covert and overt – always tend to project their defects on others. Living in denial is their modus operandi.

    For instance, the individual above shamelessly tries to debase Kevin's effort and accuses one of his previous guests of being a hiltler fetichiste. In fact it is more than obvious that the asshole himself is a "William Pierce" fetichiste.

    Hat-off to Kevin for remaining cordial. If it were me I would just have told him that he has my full blessing to start his own radio show and that he can dump his negative energy somewhere else.

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