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James Petras on Orlando False Flag, Brexit; more conversation with Richard Hoagland

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First half hour: James Petras discusses his contribution to the forthcoming book Orlando False Flag: The Clash of Histories. Dr. Petras, one of the world’s most accomplished sociologists, points out: “Over the past fifty plus years, over 125 mass shootings/massacres have occurred within the United States but not one perpetrator has been identified as a trained member of an international Islamist terrorist organization.” Instead, he says, gun massacres are quintessentially American…and getting worse, due to the breakdown of society and the rise of the military-media complex: “From 2000 to the present, the mass media has saturated its audiences with military solutions to individual grievances. The psychopathology of the mass murderers is reflected in the state writ-large.”

Second half hour: Part two of “Richard Hoagland interviews Kevin Barrett” from two weeks ago. Topics include Orlando and the “war on terror,” gun rights vs. gun control, 9/11 truth and academic freedom, and more. (Listen to the first part here.)

2 Thoughts to “James Petras on Orlando False Flag, Brexit; more conversation with Richard Hoagland”

  1. Anonymous

    Speaking of "False Flags"… I was watching Democracy Now the other day, with Jeremy Scahill. He made a comment that revealed how totally and naturally he accepts that 911 was done by 19 Muslims ("Rag Heads", right out of the stone age, who couldn't even learn to fly a puddle jumper). I love Jeremy, but why is it that so many activists get it so right on so much, but have this blind spot about false flags in general, and 911 in particular. People like Michael Moore, Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, and on, and on, and on.

  2. What is it about Americans in particular, but all citizens of all countries in general, that makes them so lovingly blind to what their governments do to them and what they make them believe? Are we apes just biologically programmed to be so completely stupid, naive, and trusting of our betters? Is it the result of our education system? Is it something Freudian? What the hell is it? Also: Why don't I have that particular "Stupid Gene"? Is it because I was born and raised in Berkeley, and grew up there in the 60's and 70's – and consequently was almost 16 before I realized that "Damn" and "Government" were two different words, or that some "Pigs" had for legs and a curly tail?

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