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False Flag Weekly News off the air this week

False Flag Weekly News, the only weekly news show focusing on false flags and the mega-deceptions that rule our world, won’t be broadcasting this week. No, I didn’t have another fight with Jim Fetzer. No, I haven’t started fighting with Tony Hall. Nor is Tony fighting with Jim. Actually we all get along fine! But unfortunately our producer, Allan Rees, is temporarily indisposed…so we expect to be back next week, God willing, with a whole lot of stories too important for the mainstream to honestly cover.

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Meanwhile, here are some of the stories we would have covered this week.

US “boots on the ground” invade Syria
Obama Sending US Boots on the Ground into Syria
Mark Taliano Explains the War Machine’s Continuing Deployment of Disinfo Without Accountability
Nafeez Ahmed Explains That The War of False Flag Terrror Has Killed Many Millions of Muslim Civilians
Now they tell us
CIA created Conspiracy Theory MEME to shut down Truth Movements
Domestic assassinations
Prince donated $50,000 to pro-9/11-truth event
The National Security State’s Murder of Prince Foreshadowed on The Simpsons
Woman Leading Flint Water Crisis Lawsuit Murdered Inside Home
Sandy Hook fallout
James Tracy Sues Florida Atlantic University and His Own Faculty Association for Failure to Respect His Academic Freedom to Expose the Lies of Sandy Hook
Adam Lanza’s accused-sex-criminal psychiatrist “destroyed all of Lanza’s records”
War on Freedom
Huffington Post Censors Vaxxed Documentary Fires Journalist
Landmark Ruling Will Finally Allow Victims to Hold CIA ‘Torturers to Account’
Crimes of Zion
Alex Jones Flirts with the Israeli Connection to 9/11 in Interviewing Dr. Steve Piecznik
Israeli Lobby Forces Swedish Minister to Resign For Comparing Israel’s Pogrom to Nazis
Saudis, 9/11 scandal
Bernie Sanders Says There Is ‘Evidence of Saudi Role in 9/11’
Dan Sanchez and James Corbett Discuss to the Degradation of Electoral Politics into Political “Wrestlemania,”

One Thought to “False Flag Weekly News off the air this week”

  1. Anonymous

    upon reading your article, 7-22-11 Norway shooting exposed! World’s biggest “lone nut” false flag, which as always is a great piece, i decided to have a go at your teaser, i am not great with maths so my total collectives of 11 was 5. I have not had the pleasure of reading any of your books yet, mostly due to the fact that i have for many years been able to spot the false flags as soon as they hit the main stream media, the pattern is always the same. I am very impressed with your work and I check VT every day for any new articled of yours, also for Gordon Duff and Jonas E Alexis Your contribution to humanity is a great thing, your work is very inspiring to me and very uplifting , I hope soon the truth seeking movement can break through the blanket of lies the zionists have over the sheeple.

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