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Chris Emery on OKC anniversary, John Perkins on “New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”

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First hour: Chris Emery, whose film A Noble Lie is the culmination of more than a decade of research on the April 19th 1995 Oklahoma City false flag, discusses false flags in general and OKC in particular – a hot topic not only due to the anniversary next Tuesday, but also because the Clinton Crime Family is back scratching and clawing for the White House.
     Chris Emery will participate with me on one or more panels on false flags at the Left Forum in New York City May 20th – 22nd.

Second hour:  In his bestselling Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, John Perkins revealed a whole lot about how power (specifically, the Money Power) really works. From personal experience, John knows that there really is a bankster conspiracy to take over the world by imposing debt slavery on the planet’s population.
     Now John Perkins is back with New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – the original book plus 15 new, explosive chapters, including “Documentation of EHM Activity 2004 – 2015”; a chapter exploring whether he was poisoned in 2005 in retaliation for his whistleblowing bestseller; tales from his “jackal” (CIA-linked assassin) friend Jack; EHM-type activity directed against ordinary Americans; and an extensive and detailed list of “what you can do.”

5 Thoughts to “Chris Emery on OKC anniversary, John Perkins on “New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man””

  1. Anonymous

    ASA Kevin

    Listened to John Perkins and frankly some of his comments incensed me and I don't consider him a heroic whistleblower.

    How come this man is not in prison for exposing his government 'hitmen' and jackals?? after all Snowden is deemed a threat to 'national Security' so why is that not applied to Perkins?? Also I believe he is himself responsible for the many coups, and possible assassinations of Leaders he writes about in his book which ironically he has PROFITED from, becoming a 'sell out!! Oh sure he got 'threats' and all that baloney.. He does NOTHING for me at all – He still lives in the USA!!

    His comment about the M.E being dysfunctional due to their sectarian divisions and Iranians versus Arabs scenario is what opened the door for these Corporate Thugs to come in and exploit the situation. He made no honest mention that the M.E is dysfunctional precisely because of these Corporate/Banking THUGS run by Rothschilds and Co.

    He makes NO mention of JEWISH infiltration and control of Government and Corporations.

    His 'Phony denial that he does not know who was really behind 911 though he states the official story is not true! Sorry I don't buy it!!


  2. Anonymous


    Don't buy his 'awakening' or his so called Conscience catching up with him, making him feel 'GUILTY' for participating in such EVIL State sanctioned Financial Terrorism that inflicted so much suffering on those countries his Government sent him to TARGET. Or all that claptrap about using his money now to do 'charitable work blah blah blah>>>- you may buy into it, but I do NOT- I SEE through this guy. No amount of charitable work can make up for the CRIMES he helped his Government commit. If he was truly genuine, he OWUD have been bumped off at the very beginning instead of being allowed to write another 'TELL TALE' book from which he again undoubtedly will profit from and given air time by Alternative Media.

    He has been 'allowed' to leak what they want and permit. You see, I don't buy in to people like Assange with his wikileaks and Snowden at all- call me a sceptic, pessimist or whatever- I think they are ALL Israeli Assets

    Don't you find it strange that these people NEVER EVER REVEAL ANYTHING damning about Israel or the many Jews that control our world- not an IOTA on the bloody Rothschilds- de nada!! It is always about juicy material about other individuals/Governments led by puppets or those that they oppose and want to bring down, creating fake allegations just as they are now doing against Rousseff in Brazil [as they did against Kirschner who they have now successfully REPLACED [COUP] with a JEW and wish to repeat in Brazil and Venezuela against Maduro- the Latino countries they LOST control of when that wonderful brave man Hugo Chavez was alive and whom they assassinated by injecting that CANCER that sadly took his Life- a cancer he spoke of at the UN, as did Kirschner who also had it as did Da Lula!!] Once again Mobs are being HIRED to de stabilise these independent Governments in order to regain Corporate Banking Control of their Resources These MOBS are I am sure Perkins is very familiar with and may himself have been asked to instigate against the countries he is now 'cleansing his CONSCIENCE' of.

    I don't buy into his whistle blowing- it is all about selling his DAMN Books. Is Perkins Jewish?? He looks it.

  3. Anonymous


    He is right about one thing, makes not a bit of difference who is INSTALLED' into the White House because America [like the UK/EU] is ruled and controlled by a powerful JEWISH SHADOW GOVERNMENT at whose helm are the Satanic Rothschilds Et CO. I have his first book,. NONE of the US Candidates are 'HALAL'- they are indeed ALL KOSHER, even Sanders. I actually agree with Dick Eastman about the political candidates as he actually shares my own take- TRUMP is WORKING WITH CLINTON and the JEWS- it is ALL POLITICAL THEATRE and MANY MANY have been UPSTAGED by their brilliant deceptive Performances

    Perkins just writes about a FEW EXPOSEES he is PERMITTED to. But HE FAILS in REALLY EXPOSING THE EVIL CONSPIRACIIES AGAINST US ALL. No amount of letters etc will shift the employment practises of these Corporations who lust more for POWER, MONEY and to smaller extent Success.

    Sorry Kevin, but that is what I picked up from this week' show. Of course, I am NOT an Academic Expert, am not an Economist, or a Political Analyst 'expert' etc.. I just speak as a human being and write what my intuition tells me.

    Perkins is not all that he is cut out to be- he still has some very NASTY SKELETONS in his closet which will remain firmly shut for fear of upsetting the Jewish Thugs controlling Governments, Banks Corporations etc who have been behind so many Wars, so many Coups, Assassinations and Financial as well as political Terrorism

    I suspect you will disagree with much of what I have said.

    Just sending you my 5 cents worth



  4. Anonymous

    Thank you -m for sharing your intuition above, which I happen to share. Whenever I come across John Perkins, the whole thing sounds like an infommercial for his book (not unusual nowadays in the world of so-called Alternative Media).

    The ruling class and its agents of narcissistic human-look-alike parasitic bureaucrats are waging a non-stop war on the ordinary man woman and children, regardless of their religion skin-color culture or place of birth. I am sure the parasites mentioned above are wondering : "Amazing !!!. The more we make life difficult for them, the more obedient they are. Let's then give them more hard times wrapped in Laws & Regulations of the land."

    "They Say Jump, You Say How High."

    Amin Abdullah.

  5. Well, it's a good infomercial for a good, important book…an interview with too much truth to ever be broadcast on commercial, public, or foundation-funded media.

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