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Sander Hicks: 28 pages movement explodes – we can win this thing!

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Today’s guest Sander Hicks and fellow veteran NYC 9/11 activist Les Jamieson are organizing the 28 Pages National Action Committee (click HERE to learn about and support it.)

Sander thinks the 9/11 truth movement may be on the brink of success. Since last week’s 60 Minutes special on the 28 pages, the mainstream media has gone into feeding frenzy mode – the first time any aspect of 9/11 truth has garnered so much positive mainstream coverage. The Saudis have reacted by threatening to implode the US economy by cashing in their T-bills if Congress passes a law opening the way for 9/11 lawsuits against them.

Will the 28 pages movement and the Saudi overreaction break the 9/11 logjam and unleash a 9/11 truth flood that could drown the whole global oilagarchy? Sander thinks so…especially if the whole truth movement uses this moment to exert maximum pressure for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

One Thought to “Sander Hicks: 28 pages movement explodes – we can win this thing!”

  1. Anonymous

    I just saw your mention of Sander Hicks' 28 page movement. Seems like a lot of effort being put into it with questionable potential gain. there is enough public information available to try people for treason. Even if the document has the information that they say, I don't even see the will, let alone any mechanism in our present situation to follow through with the implications. It's not like they don't already know. The scapegoats ARE being set up (not necessarily meaning framed) to be thrown under the bus.
    Does that sound like justice to you? (depends on who's doing the set-up I guess)
    On the other hand, dismantling the oppressors one by one is a brilliant strategy. Who's behind this?

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