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The Simpson Option: Zionists Threaten Cartoon Armageddon

by Kevin Barrett,

For decades, Israel has been threatening to blow up the world if it is ever forced to end its apartheid system. Zionists call this plan to murder all of humanity “the Samson Option.

But the world, undeterred, continues to turn … against Zionist apartheid.

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu upped the ante, announcing a new, even worse plot to take revenge on the nations. Termed “the Simpson Option,” Bibi’s plan consists of having the Zionist-dominated media replace current television, movie and internet content with endless re-runs of The Simpsons.

“With our control of the media, it would be easy to just take everything down and broadcast Simpsons re-runs till…well, I was about to say ‘till doomsday,’ but obviously the day the Simpsons took over the world would be far worse than doomsday,” Netanyahu explained. “And that is the whole point. Nobody in their right mind would force us to give the Palestinians equal rights if they knew that they would have to watch Simpsons re-runs for all eternity.”

Zionist psy-op scriptwriter Philip Zelikow, author of 9/11: The Reality TV Show, explained: “Americans don’t care about the real world. All they care about is the audiovisual garbage the media feeds them. So threatening to destroy the real world in a nuclear holocaust doesn’t really affect them. By contrast, the complete annihilation of their media landscape by a zillion-megaton Simpsons Bomb is a truly terrorizing prospect.” 

Bibi conducts a preliminary “cartoon bomb test” at the UN

But do Israel and its American agents really have that capability?

Officially, Israel maintains a position of what it calls “strategic ambiguity” regarding its Simpson Option program, neither confirming nor denying that it has the ability to insert Simpsons reruns into every TV channel, website, and movie theater in the world. But experts believe that with its huge Simpsons-bomb complex beneath the Negev desert, and its even more massive propaganda facility in southern California (code-named “Hollywood”) it would be foolish to underestimate the Jewish state’s capacity to inflict a catastrophic cartoon holocaust on the world.

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  1. Brilliant Kevin, best laugh I've had all week!

  2. The only thing worse would be to watch (over and over) the old TV commercial… Ring Around the Collar.
    (notice the last three letters – GoY)

  3. Your viewers will be interested in this about 911.

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