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Richie Allen, Rolf Lindgren argue with Kevin Barrett about refugees, Islam, Trump and 9/11

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I begin the show by discussing how my website,, has been maliciously disabled – not by ordinary hackers, but by people with high-level capabilities. Somebody out there apparently doesn’t want you to listen to this show! You can donate to keeping the show running – and hiring some serious cyber-protection – through paypal to truthjihad(at)gmail[dot]com, or through the postal service to POB 221, Lone Rock, WI 53556.

During the first half hour, leading European talk radio host Richie Allen and I offer clashing perspectives on Syrian refugees and Islam.

Then for the rest of the show, libertarian political analyst Rolf Lindgren says he would prefer to “roll the dice” with a Trump presidency than accept any other of the remaining major candidates. Rolf mentions that Trump advisor Roger Stone says Trump will re-open 9/11 and call an investigation into the lies that launched the Iraq war. We also discuss Larry Silverstein’s amazing admission that he commissioned and designed a new WTC-7 in April 2000, a year-and-a-half before the demolition that made it possible to build it. For the details, read my new, viral article:

BOMBSHELL! Larry Silverstein designed NEW WTC-7 in April of 2000

2 Thoughts to “Richie Allen, Rolf Lindgren argue with Kevin Barrett about refugees, Islam, Trump and 9/11”

  1. I listened to this show … which seemed to address an element or two of your strange estrangement argument with Jim Fetzer (although, I'm sure there are deeper reasons involved).

    Y'know Kevin … I think you're thinking too deeply on motives for the big refugee crisis in Europe. As a Muslim, you're probably subject to a paranoic bias which (I don't think) exists at all.

    You apparently believe that a primary reason for sending Muslim refugees into Europe, is that the globalists want to weaken Muslims in Europe by turning public sentiment against Muslims because there are too many Muslims in Europe already and it poses a threat to globalist plans (?)

    That sounds way too complex (to me) for a false operation!~ Kind of like the old Spy vs. Spy cartoon strips in the old Mad Magazine where each side kept upping the ante until it was impossible to tell which side, which spy, was actually working FOR.

    A rule of thumb when perpetrating a fraud is … keep it simple . Any unnecessary twists and turns just adds to complexity which invariably cracks the lie. As a policeman "friend" once told me … he lied on the stand and won cases but the trick was to keep repeating the same pat answer to all variations of questions and never vary the wording… and he would win his cases. Keep it all extremely simple even if it looks obviously ridiculous to observers.

    To me, it doesn't look like anyone with a real brain … would be afraid of a concerted Muslim threat to the world. I mean, if Muslims actually HAD an agenda to gain control of the world … it would come out in obvious evidence.

    Do Muslims come to America with a secret agenda of taking over America? NO! They come here to get a better life … that's all. Sure, maybe a handful of them have nefarious agendas but they quickly become obvious too. They EXPRESS their feelings by the things they say.

    Any "sleeper cells" are people who are controlled by others … don't you think? If I have some nefarious plan … it's pretty impossible for me to act as if I'm a nice guy and keep maintaining my facade. My attitude is going to SHOW.

    Jews often DO have nefarious agendas and/but that SHOWS too. I see the Jewish philosophy as one of exploitation without conscience. I don't see Muslims having the same kind of philosophy. I think Muslims stay to themselves or just kill you if you get in their way too much!~ They're not as sophisticated in hiding their attitude as are Jews.

    And Globalists KNOW that.

    No, I think the agenda is pretty simple: create anger, hatred, chaos and then divide and conquer. Getting refugees out of Syria and surrounding areas has a simple two-fold intent: to "cleanse" the middle east for Zionist expansion and … destroy the order and culture of Europe by flooding them with Muslim refugees ( and also seed in a lot of terrorist trouble makers).

    Now, I don't know the Muslim mindset terribly well but it seems to me that any refugees without homes or possessions are going to be only too happy to get any semblence of hospitality in other countries. Where is all of this terrorism coming from … with these "refugees"? Are they planted terrorists posing as refugees?

    The pattern is the same all over the world. Why is the U.S. allowing a flood of Mexicans to come into the country? To create chaos and instability and do psychological damage to U.S. citizens. Then … "they'll" swoop in with a solution to the problem they've created. The goal is world governance and control. I think it's just THAT simple. The globalists aren't afraid of any particular group; they're afraid of having everyone KNOW exactly what they're up to. When or if everyone SHOULD know … then all would invariably turn against them.

  2. The increase in Muslim population and political power in the West threatens the bankster elite (because Muslims strongly oppose riba, or usury, defined as any form of lending at interest or any form of making money with money). It also threatens Zionism (since Muslims oppose Zionism, which will collapse as soon as the West stops propping it up). American Muslims delivered the 2000 election to the Republicans. Had 9/11 not happened, Muslim power in the US and the West would have already put an end to Israel.

    So it's obvious who wants to stop Muslim immigration and why.

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