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LUNATIC! LUNATIC! LUNATIC! False-flag denier’s epic meltdown on international TV

Some people just can’t handle the notion that some “terrorist attacks” may be false flag events.
Robert David Steele, a former CIA Clandestine Services Case Officer who used to orchestrate false flags as part of his job, is appalled at the prevailing level of false flag denial.
27 leading public intellectuals discuss false flags in general and the Paris and San Bernardino attacks in particular.  Now available on Amazon.

27 leading public intellectuals discuss false flags in general and the Paris and San Bernardino attacks in particular. Now available on Amazon.
It is with sadness that I observe that most people – including extremely intelligent and accomplished people – appear to have lost their critical thinking faculties over the past quarter century. When I have the temerity to suggest that Paris may have been a false flag event intended to
  • legalize the illegal US war against Syria by invoking the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Article 5 protection clause;
  • or that it is a means for the party in power in France to lock down the country (neutralizing the extreme right challenging its loose authority);
  • or that Saudi Arabia and Turkey gain from international publicity consistent with their export of state-sponsored terrorism;
  • or that Israel is always happy to both punish France for supporting the Palestinians and considering a boycott of Israeli products while also frightening more French Jews into moving to Israel to fill up the illegal settlements being built there at U.S. taxpayer expense
I get three reactions:
  • one third tell me that it is high time someone put all this in writing at a time when the mainstream media and even alternative media have been bribed or intimidated into avoiding any challenge to the official narrative;
  • one third tell me I am most certainly a lunatic and perhaps a traitor (remember this is how America treated Daniel Elsberg on Viet-Nam and the Dixie Chicks on Iraq); and
  • one third don’t notice – they don’t read much and are largely oblivious to world events.
False flag denialist Andre Walker probably thinks that Steele – who personally ran false flags for the CIA – is “most certainly a lunatic” for knowing, from direct first-hand personal experience, that false flags exist.
I just debated the boozy, excitable Walker on Press TV. His incessant drunken yapping, in some impenetrable dialect of cockney, did include a few recognizable English words, chiefly: “LUNATIC! LUNATIC! LUNATIC!”
It was like being stuck in a tawdry pub with some hooligan drowning his sorrows after a losing football match.
Where does Press TV find these people?
After my previous debates with a suspected reptilian and Maxi the Zionist, I figured they’d find me some respectable opposition this time. No such luck.
Andre Walker should say hello to Patrick Clawson, a leading think-tanker (from WINEP) who has called for a false flag to start a war with Iran. Clawson, a big fan of false flags, brags that they are “the American way to go to war.”
Is Clawson a lunatic?
There, at least, is one thing Andre Walker and I can agree on.

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  1. Anonymous

    re: hooligan Andre Walker

    Masha Allâh Kevin:

    You are improving very fast



  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for remaining rational while discussing the topic and you and your moderator remaining directly and succinctly on point. Very smart, insightful and rational. It does not fit into the video game world of the Sheople.

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