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Why does anybody join ISIS? And who really created it?

Al Etejah TV Panel Discussion 

Part 1: Who created ISIS?

Part 2: The Arab Spring, Syria and Khilafah 

In this episode of Panorama, Al Etejah’s Hassan Alkatib discusses the Arab Spring, the Syrian revolution and the Caliphate. Hassan is joined by four guests: deputy editor of 5Pillarz, Dilly Hussain, economist and author Rodney Shakespeare, Iraqi analyst and human rights activist Zaid al Isa, and via Skype, academic and author Dr Kevin Barrett. In part 2 of this show, the guests discuss what the Arab Spring has achieved, the role of the west and regional powers in manoeuvring the revolutions, the Syrian civil war, and whether the Caliphate is a reality in the 21st century.

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