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Ken Jenkins takes 9/11 truth to a mosque; Henry Herskovitz asks Bernie Sanders if he’s a dual-citizen kibbutznik

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First hour: Ken Jenkins reports on his recent talk on 9/11 truth and false flags at a mosque in Oakland, California. Ph.D Structural Engineer Ibrahim Soudy of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth joins us to discuss the psychology of 9/11 truth denial vs. 9/11 truth awareness with Ken, who along with Fran Shure and yours truly has been one of the pioneers in the field.  (Read Fran’s series at the AE911Truth website before it’s published as a book!)

Henry Herskovitz

Second hour: Henry Herskovitz (with other members of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends) pickets his local synagogue every Saturday. He’s not happy about the way the Jewish Lobby has hijacked US foreign policy on behalf of a bellicose, arguably genocidal foreign state—and he thinks Jews should take some responsibility for fixing the problems they have helped create…not just the occupation of Palestine, but also America’s Middle East wars-for-Israel that have taken millions of lives.
     In this interview, Henry discusses the taboo issue of Jewish power, explains how he changed his ideas on holocaust revisionism, and at the end of the show poses some hard questions for Bernie Sanders:

“Mr. Sanders: When you served as a Jewish kibbutznik in Palestine, I mean Israel, was the offer of citizenship made to you? Did you accept that offer? Were you in fact a citizen of Israel? Are you a citizen of Israel today?”

“Do you think that members of the US Congress should be totally transparent about possible citizenship in foreign governments? Would you support an inquiry that would supply American citizens with the information about their leaders’ possible dual citizenship in other countries?”

 “Author and philosopher Gilad Atzmon, in his study of Jewish identity politics, describes three categories of Jews: (1) Those who follow Judaism, (2) Those who regard themselves as human beings that happen to be of Jewish origin, and (3) Those who put their Jewish-ness above all of their other traits. Given your track record in the Senate supporting the Jewish state, would you identify yourself as a third-category Jew? Put another way, how does your Jewish-ness influence the way you feel and vote in regard to Israel, the Jewish state?”

“For over twelve years a group of dedicated activists in Ann Arbor, Michigan has identified the Jewish community as the politically strongest ethnic group distorting US policy in support of Israel, and has clearly challenged the power of the local Jewish community. Do you agree that Jews are indeed powerful, and would you support such challenges to this power?”

“Regarding our constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech, and since NPR reports that your ‘father’s family was mostly wiped out during the Holocaust,’ would you favor joining France, Germany, Israel and nine other countries which provide prison sentences for those revisionists challenging the standard narrative of the Holocaust?”

 “Thank you, Mr. Sanders.”


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  1. Anonymous


    Let's develop these themes further:

    – Psychology of False Flag Truth:

    Category One: Those who understand False Flag operations BUT NOT SO GOOD AT BUILDING COALITIONS AND CREATING A REAL MOVEMNET.

    Category Two: Those who are open minded enough to consider it BUT TERRIFIED FROM THEIR POWERFUL GOVERNMENT(S).

    Category Three: Those whose only concerns are Burgers, Beers, and Ballgames…………

    – How to confront the Global Empire?…

    .A Global campaign to Boycott the Bankers and the Entertainment Industry (headed by Hollywood).

    Thanks. Ibrahim

  2. Anonymous

    I recently discussed the erroneous use of the term "apartheid" on Kevin Barret's Truth Jihad radio show.

    It is a serious logical error to equate Israeli land theft and war crimes with "apartheid." Firstly, it creates the false impression that Israeli crimes are no worse than those of white colonial powers–none of whom stole the privately owned lands of the natives in Palestine. Even with oil and gas, the energy was paid for albeit siphoned off by puppet leaders. Israelis directly steal land and energy resources from the Palestinians.

    Calling Israeli action "apartheid" is incorrect for a number of other reasons, including:

    1. The majority of blacks in South Africa came to that country AFTER the white colonization period to work on white-owned farms and mines. Jews came into Palestine and, while lands were initially purchased, most were ultimately stolen from the native residents;
    2. Whites obtained land by purchase (Boers from King Dingesweo, who attempted to butcher them afterward in an act of treachery) and grant (the British from King Shaka of the Zulu.) Israeli land was mostly obtained by illegal U.N. action and conquest;
    3. Whites under apartheid established separate homelands for blacks who were not indigenous to South Africa, i.e., they GAVE them land as homelands. Zulu had their traditional tribal lands. Jewish Israelis sole land from the legal residents;
    4. The Judeo-Communist ANC conducted acts of terror–shootings and bombings–against whites and white-owned businesses. It was impossible to protect white citizens from such attacks in a mixed social setting. Anti-Arab discrimination of Israelis is used as a vehicle to drive Palestinians from the land; and,
    5. Blacks, if unhappy, were free to leave South Africa at will and return to their countries of origin. Palestinians are locked down in a virtual prison by Israelis who starve, arrest and militarily attack them.

    In other words, calling Israeli actions "apartheid" minimizes the crime of the Israelis and psychologically shifts the blame from Jewish Israeli to "whites."
    -Tom M.

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