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A Muslim truth jihadi and a right-wing Jewish Israeli walk into a radio show – and sparks fly!

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Barry Chamish is my favorite right-wing Zionist…but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with him! In this interview, conducted for Barry’s radio show, Barry and his even harder-line Israeli sidekick take me to task for talking about the real roots of Zionism: not Theodore Herzl’s 19th-century nationalism, but Shabtai Zvi’s 17th-century warped, demonic millenarianism. Zionism is not a rational attempt to create a homeland for the Jews; it is, rather, an religious-extremist attempt to “force God’s hand” and experience “redemption through sin” by invading the Holy Land in defiance of God and spilling oceans of innocent blood.  The “messiah” that they are planning to put on the throne in Occupied Jerusalem, who is supposed to subjugate all non-Jewish peoples and rule the world, sounds a whole lot like the Antichrist.

Barry Chamish is a contributor to We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo – in which he asserts that Netanyahu may be behind the 1/7/15 Paris terrorist attacks.  Click here to order the book.

4 Thoughts to “A Muslim truth jihadi and a right-wing Jewish Israeli walk into a radio show – and sparks fly!”

  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations! You did it. You shut Barry Chamish up. You did the impossible and left him speechless at the end of the show by mesmerizing him with your admission that Muslims have failings. But you didn't deliver the goods he wanted, and he was left railing like some Col. Kurtz about who would be victims. Seems like he wants everyone to be victims, especially Jews. What a crackpot. I can't recall a worse nudge I've ever heard in my born days. Oy, what a shaytan. He's an insult dog sock puppet. You really schooled him this time, though he barely kept silent a moment during the entire interview/parallel monologues. It was like Firesign Theatre. You have to listen to it at least twice to get the multiple vocal tracks. Nice job, though. You covered even more ground more thoroughly this time than you did in your last go round with him. You mentioned the unfortunate decline in Islamic spirituality in practice, and its untoward effects. I agree. I think you also agreed with his refrain about Muslims being so stupid as to fall for divide and conquer. Not sure whether I heard you stress the need for unity, the pointlessness of ism schism fitna, though I do believe you identified who is behind it. He seemed to revel in the success of his military masters' machiavellian machinations. What a snake.

  2. WOW! My humble radio show compared to…the FIRESIGN THEATER!

    "Don't crush that Zionist, hand me the pliers!"

  3. Anonymous

    I Think We're All Sufis On This Bus

  4. Anonymous

    Embarking into an argument with zionist jews (of european descent mind you) while invoking their scriptures to point out their wrongdoing, is childish, borderline idiotic and the perfect way to set oneself up for failure.

    Theft, murder, terrorism and oppression are immoral and should not be tolerated by decent humans and should be fought vigorously.

    What the so-called holy books of european inbred egomaniacs – khazarian jews – say or does not say is irrelevant and should always be so.

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