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Jeff Brown reports live from China; why Merlin Miller is what Trump should be but isn’t

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Jeff Brown

First hour guest: Jeff Brown reports live from China, where he says Baba Beijing is going mano-a-mano with Western soft power. Jeff says Western mainstream media consumers are getting a false, pejorative picture of what’s happening in China. He explains that the famous Tiananmen Square events were a CIA destabilization operation – a prototype for all the “color revolutions” that have followed. Since then, the bad guys just won’t quit trying to destabilize and destroy China, just like they’ve destabilized and/or destroyed Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Ukraine and Syria. The Chinese, he says, are determined to hold onto their hard-won independence; they are not going to knuckle under to the NATO New World Order Anglo-Zionist Empire. Toward the end of the show, we discuss the possibility that China will move beyond the solid but stolid CCTV and create a flashier, more exciting, more controversial engagé news channel along the lines of Press TV, Telesur and RT. If they do, Jeff Brown would be an excellent commentator.

Second hour: Merlin Miller discusses his new book Eagles Are Gathering. Merlin, an American nationalist who wants to make this country great again, is sort of like Trump, except he’s non-obnoxious, honest, and doesn’t kowtow to the Zionists. Eagles Are Gathering packs a whole lot of truth into a concise (245 page) presidential-aspirant bio-manifesto. Merlin tells his story, from his graduation from West Point through his journey through film school into the motion picture industry, where he ran smack into an invisible “goys not welcome here” sign. The book describes his awakening to the USS Liberty issue, Zionism and its power in America, questions about the JFK assassination, and conspiracies in general and 9/11 in particular. And it lays out his proposed solutions, which are more specific, and make a lot more sense, than anything proposed by Donald Trump.

I would trust a President Merlin Miller to exercise good judgment and do the right thing in the face of pressure. I wouldn’t trust a President Trump any farther than I could throw him.

3 Thoughts to “Jeff Brown reports live from China; why Merlin Miller is what Trump should be but isn’t”

  1. Anonymous

    _ "he ran smack into an invisible "goys not welcome here" sign"

    Very funny, really.

    Can we stop bashing america's favorite narcissist once for all ?. Hey, be nice, the insecure and the hypocrites need their hero too. Just say no to hate.

  2. Maybe I'm slow this morning, but this comment mystifies me. Who's the narcissist, who's bashing him, etc.?

  3. Anonymous

    I am so very sorry to have created such negativity in the air. I thought the sarcasm/anti-Trump/anti-sheeple tone in my comment above was more than obvious.

    If anything was right, Donald Trump should be spit-shining Dr. Barret's shoes every morning before putting his blonde wig on.

    Not to play Dr Phil, but usually when we unnecessarily interpret things negatively, it is a sign that we are emotionally very tired. Maybe it is time for a spring-break.

    Again, I am very sorry kevin to have unintentionally disturbed your mind-peace, even a slight bit.

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