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Rafiq on “Days of Shock, Days of Wonder”

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Rafiq is the author of the brand-new Days of Shock, Days of Wonder: The 9/11 Age, the Ways of the Mystics, and One Man’s Escape from Babylon in the Belly of a Whale.  It’s a terrific read. As I say in the blurb:

“The 9/11 inside job degraded our culture – not just American culture but the emerging global culture – beyond anything we could have imagined. No single event in the history of humanity has ever had such a profoundly negative impact on our species and its place in the web of life with the possible exception of the bombing of Hiroshima. This is not because 9/11 was an unusually large-scale act of mass murder – its 3,000 or so victims were a drop in the bucket of the 60 million murdered by US CIA and military interventions since World War II – but rather by way of its psychological impact through media propaganda.

“So how do we deal with it? Writer and documentary filmmaker Robert “Rafiq” Lewis set off on a journey that integrated 9/11 truth activism into his quest for a more authentic life outside the Matrix. If a latter-day Kerouac or Bukowski eschewed alcohol for cannabis encountered Sufism and faced 9/11 truth and its implications the result might look a bit like this. So please do read Rafiq’s account: Days of Shock Days of Wonder: The 9/11 Age The Ways of the Mystics and One Man’s Escape from Babylon in the Belly of a Whale. It’s an engrossing read and an important document of our time.”

Rafiq is writer and filmmaker Robert Sean Lewis. He wrote his first book, Gaj: The End of Religion (2004), to counter the idea of God or Allah as an individual who could take sides in the “war on terror.” He is a co-author with Don Trent Jacobs (Four Arrows) of “Classroom Silence about September 11: A Failure of Education?” NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry 9, no. 2 (2011): 68–90.

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