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Barrie Zwicker: Trump not just a fascist, but a NAZI!?

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Barrie Zwicker, a leading Canadian media critic and long-time voice of 9/11 truth, is definitely not jumping on the Trump bandwagon. Check out his latest article:


In this interview we discuss Trump, false flags, Nazis, World War II revisionism, and much more. By the end of the discussion, we realize that we may have offended not only the fans of Adolf Hitler (yes, they do exist – and often complain when Uncle Adolf gets bad-mouthed on this show) but also Abe Foxman and the ADL. Tough luck, Abe! (And tough luck, Adolf!) Guys like us just can’t help calling it like we see it.

4 Thoughts to “Barrie Zwicker: Trump not just a fascist, but a NAZI!?”

  1. Anonymous

    Nice job sharpening the focus with Barry Zwicker. He was a good guest and you did a beautiful job of filling in the gaps with more specific information such as names and dates and places, as well as establishing the background of the bigger picture. Well done.

    I've really enjoyed your choice of music lately, from the Muslim dub to Elvis (Costello), to Edmund Starr's original War (one of my all time favorite songs*, including Bruce Springsteen's live at MSG cover version), and the Ramones bizarro broadway bop.

    *I also love Bob Marley's War ~ a whole different thing based on Haile Selassie's letter. Of course you know that. What did you think when Sinead tore up the picture of PJP2nd after she sung it on SNL?

    I also really dig Bob Dylan's Masters of War, so maybe I just like songs with "war" in the title. Kinda don't think that's it exactly, but close.

    Keep on keepin' on, R

  2. …thanks for the kind words!

    Maybe I’ll have to test your love of songs with “war” in the title by playing Fear’s “Let’s Have a War” ; – )

    In any case, I won’t be playing Black Sabbath’s War Pigs, which would have been an appropriate anthem for the Bataclan ritual massacre.

  3. Anonymous

    This is a great blog luv your anti trump comments. We need to bring back Bill Clinton! Keep on running anti nazi stuff.

  4. Clinton and Trump are both bloated blowhard egotists out for only one thing: themselves. Clinton just disguises it better.

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