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Politician-filmmaker Art Olivier: Freemasonic false flag terrorists use “magic numbers”

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Art Olivier, former Mayor of Bellflower, California and Libertarian candidate for Vice President of the United States, is the producer of Operation Terror – the Hollywood-style thriller that blows the whistle on 9/11.

In this interview, Art takes up where Jason Wilcox left off in the interview:

False-flag terrorists use predictive programming, transparency and number symbolism.”

Is Washington, DC completely controlled by freemasons, as Dan Brown suggests in his novel The Lost Symbol? And are the top levels of freemasonry dominated by a satanic human sacrifice cult? Listen to Art and decide for yourself.

One Thought to “Politician-filmmaker Art Olivier: Freemasonic false flag terrorists use “magic numbers””

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    Your last words in your PressTV video about Trump's statements re Muslims and 9/11 "pointing at" the real perpetrators struck me as more appropriate than you might have intended.

    There were two early statements by Trump that set me thinking. The first was his remark on Merry Christmas rather than Happy Holidays. And the second his remark that Sgt Bergdahl should have been executed for treason. That seemed to come from nowhere and I immediately got the idea that he was talking in code.

    It looks to me — it might just be wishful thinking — that he has been carefully setting things up for a switch after he becomes president. Then "Muslim" will become "Jew". The electoral sanction for a database and for executing people for treason will have already been established. Just the names will change. The way he keeps bringing up 9/11 at the margin of what one is allowed to say is noteworthy.

    I know about his closeness to Jews, and that a son is married to a Jew and his daughter has converted to Orthodox Judaism after her marriage. They are active in his campaign. Asked about his daughter's conversion, Trump's comment was that their house is very peaceful on the Sabbath.

    Also involved in his campaign is his Jewish friend Roger Stone, the Republican heavyweight, who was "fired" from Trump's campaign team to give them both more space. Stone has been on Alex Jones talking up Trump, and mentioning that he knows about 9/11 — but so far the only thing mentioned is that the warnings were ignored.

    Trump's campaign is the only one that has acknowledged receipt of materials from AE9/11Truth:
    They have promised to look into the submitted materials.

    Trump has mentioned his support for Netanyahu, but I doubt that he meant it literally. Surely he knows what the Israelis amount to, and what the Lobby means for America's sovereignty.

    Stone mentions Trump's lack of love for the Fed, and his desire to return to constitutionally sanctioned money. 9/11 and the Fed. You see where this is pointing.

    It cheers me that the neocons hate his guts. Ben Carson's support from Bill Kristol makes sense.

    I look forward to eventually seeing the neocons on trial for treason. If it doesn't happen, it won't be my first political disappointment. Hope springs eternal.


    Syed Zaidi

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