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Author-journalist Eric Walberg discusses ISIS, Paris attacks, Arthur Topham’s trial, and Zionism’s stranglehold on the West

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Eric Walberg, former al-Ahram journalist and author of excellent books on imperialism and resistance, isn’t sure that the 9/11 truth movement is right. But  in his new article “Topham, Zionist elders and their trial protocols,” Eric is warming to certain perspectives associated with those pejoratively termed conspiracy theorists: “The trials and tribulations of Arthur Topham reveal details about the penchant of Zionists for conspiracy even in the minutest details.”

Eric says that the Zionists’ zeal in prosecuting and persecuting people like Ernst Zundel and Arthur Topham has motivated him to do a bit of reading on the Nazi holocaust – which has forced him to admit that at least some of the revisionists appear to be raising legitimate questions.

Is Eric going to be smeared by the ADL? Will he be charged with hate crimes? Will the Crown try to ban his website, as they (unsuccessfully) tried to ban Arthur Topham’s?

Tune in and find out! And don’t miss my argument with Eric, early in the show, about whether Paris, 9/11, the JFK assassination, Pearl Harbor, and so on are proven inside jobs.

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