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Filmmaker Massimo Mazzucco: Did Americans REALLY land on the moon?

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Massimo Mazzucco

Italian documentary filmmaker Massimo Mazzucco is justly celebrated for his most recent film September 11th: The New Pearl Harbor. His latest project: Proving that the manned missions to the moon were hoaxed after the Apollo project’s directors realized they could never make JFK’s deadline, but would lose face (and money) if they backed down.

Mazzucco, a professional photographer, says that any first-rate photographer who takes a close look will tell you that the moon landing photos are hoaxes taken with artificial lights. He argues that his forthcoming film will provide definitive proof. But he needs to raise funds to make the movie – and has started a GoFundMe page for the project, whose working title is American Moon.

Is this one of the many “conspiracy theories” that are true? Listen to Max, look at the photos and arguments, and decide for yourself.

5 Thoughts to “Filmmaker Massimo Mazzucco: Did Americans REALLY land on the moon?”

  1. Anonymous

    It is high time to find out the truth about the Moon landings. Young Russian engineers are doing a test to find out for sure.

    They already have 157% (as of today) of the crowd funding requested, using http://www.BoomStarter.Ru so the project is a go. Here is a translation of the site.

    NASA should be very happy about this project, and help fund it, because it could help prove that men, not just machines, landed on the Moon.

    Satyam Eva Jayate
    Truth alone triumphs

    Rick Shaddock
    American Moon Association
    1629 K Street NW, Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20006
    Lobbying Congress for a Moon base by 2020

  2. Anonymous

    Massimo Mazzucco's is one of those few people with integrity. It was good to hear his perspectives from a photographers point of view. From an engineering point of view it is equally obvious that we have never left low earth orbit. No living thing from our earth has done so. The good thing is that the race to the moon is still on, and if we survive as a species on this planet, the winner will be known. That is the good news. It is unlikely that we have the technology to manage it yet. All the talk of aliens etc etc etc is like all the talk of nukes at 911. bla bla bla bla bla.
    recommended viewing:
    The moon landing hoax (full BBC documentary)

    There were some points not made that would have been relevant to this story.

    1) After the coup'd eta in November 1963, what better way to help the American collective psyche overcome the loss of their last decent president who had integrity, than to con them into a false sense of pride by "landing on the moon". The zio bankers had taken total control at this point in time, so the "fake it to the moon, if you can not make it" was the logical thing to do. No flack from the USSR as the same gang of criminals were in control there also. Play both sides, keep the profits rolling, ever more money into their coffers. Keep building that MIC.

    2) The "getting away" with such monstrous crimes has emboldened the psychopaths to the status quo we now have. Had the moon landing hoax been exposed, no 9-11. These psychopaths, like any psychopath will only stop when an outside force, or internal disintegration destroys it. Because more Jews have died at the hands of Jews throughout history than at the hands of non-Jews, internal disintegration may be the winner.
    Recommended reading: Israel Shahak.

    As Rabbi Reichorn prophetically remarked in 1859, (before the Russian revolution, WW1, and WW2):
    “Wars are the Jews’ harvest, for with them, we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them. We shall drive the Christians into war by exploiting their national vanity and stupidity. They will then massacre each other, thus giving room for our own people.”
    Recommended reading; “A History of Central Banking and the enslavement of Mankind” by Stephen Mitford Goodson.

    I liked your assessment on "if Al Gore had won". I think you got that spot on. Yes, they would have taken him out if he disobeyed and used his own judgement. And Lieberman would have had us in deep WW3 by now for sure. Attack Iran, and so much more.

    A very positiv thing about the fact that Americans were not on the moon is the following statement. (mine)

    "Americans need not feel any more shame for not having been on the moon than do Germans for having gassed 6 million Jews.
    The only shame that anyone needs to fear, is if you are still brainwashed after a certain point in time. For many people, the shame that they already need to deal with now in 2015 because they have not figured out anything yet, would be more shame than I could even live with."

  3. Anonymous

    I enjoyed your recent interview about the Apollo mission. Were you also aware that several of the Apollo astronauts were Masons?

    Freemason Kenneth Kleinknecht was a manager of the Apollo program.

    His brother, Fred Kleinknecht, was the Assistant Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite at the time [1966-1985], and later Grand Commander [1985-2011].

    It was reported that astronaut Buzz Aldrin, 32nd degree Shriner, took a Scottish Rite flag to the moon on Apollo 11, which he personally presented to Grand Commander Luther A. Smith upon his return.

  4. The material that NASA released on the computer that – took off from earth, rendezvued in lunar orbit, landed on the moon, took off and returned to earth is ubelieveably moronic! In 1968 the only integrated chips were NAND gates.. they didn't have computer memory yet. But NASA claims they hand wound graphite ropes with knots in them to store zero's and ones.. If You buy that You will buy anything. They claim the computer had the same memory as a Commodore 64, (39kbits) .. the size of graphite ropes to achieve this much memory would be bigger than the landing module itself. Can You imagine trusting a C64 to do all of the above chores.. Nasa claims they did.. This is just so much cartoon nonsense!

  5. "From an engineering point of view we have never left low Earth orbit." LOL space craft have been leaving low earth orbit for over half a century. Pretty shoddy engineer!

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