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Activist Angel, Jim Fetzer & yours truly deconstruct false flag “ISIS” terror

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In this conversation recorded for Pastor Don’s Truth vs. NEW$, INC., host Activist Angel interviews me and Jim Fetzer about false flag “ISIS” terror in general and the 11/13 Paris terror attacks in particular. Toward the end of the show, Jim and I disagree about whether the influx of refugees represents a “terrorist invasion” of Europe.

You can watch the video version of the show here.

6 Thoughts to “Activist Angel, Jim Fetzer & yours truly deconstruct false flag “ISIS” terror”

  1. Anonymous

    Kevin: The woman in the 2015 Economist painting has a Mona-Lisa like look because she has just given the French king a dose of syphilis courtesy of her irate husband. (Which is, if you think about it, what the Paris attack is doing.) Famous painting attributed to DaVinci.ère

    On Friday, October 13th, 1307, King Philip IV of France, in league with Pope Clement V ordered all Templars to be rounded up and thrown in prison. The leader, DeMolay, was tortured and burned at the stake. Many Templars confessed to being crypto-Jews and worshiping the demon head of Baphomet (Baal). The survivors of the Templars were the genesis of Illuminism and Freemasonry. (Some survivors apparently had anticipated the attack and moved a substantial portion of the Templar treasire–which itself was the missing Temple treasure that Jews had moved to Babylon (Iraq) prior to the Roman attack in 70 A.D.–to Switzerland, hence the Swiss flag.) The choice of date, the location and the Economist painting sort of tells you something!

    Looking at that picture gives me even more concern as to how events are being scripted. Chinese leader being hit in stomach by "Spidernan"–series of plant explosions in China? Jet car on desert/w tortoise–could that symbolize the Russian jet? I'm REALLY concerned about that upper-right nuke as Lindsey Graham has just warned of a big 911 in the U.S.

  2. I was wondering when Dr. Fetzer was going to start operating his Paris attack truth-o-meter! LOL

    On November 20, 2014, The Economist magazine published their “The World in 2015” issue, where they compile predictions of the year ahead.[1] An article on the Vigilant Citizen website, published on January 8, 2015, featured images of from the cover of this issue. One of these images is that of Lewis Carroll’s Alice (famous for going “down the rabbit hole”), and there are two arrows with numerals printed on them: 11.5 and 11.3, next to her. Unscrambling these numbers gives a sequence of three odd numbers: 11-13-15. The six digits shown on the arrows, rearranged, happen to be the digits of the date of the recent “terrorist attacks” in France. Coincidence?

  3. Anonymous

    ISIS vs. the World (except Israel):

  4. Anonymous

    Subject : Interesting times

    After the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to a President with a kill list, Glamour magazine names a man the woman of the year!

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin! I'm still unconvinced that Rebekah Roth is a dis-info agent.

    Fetzer has cast his lot with her being a "spook" based on a few things he mentions, but my intuition is telling me that that's not the whole picture.

    You probably know that she has a 2-hour radio show on Mike Adams' new radio network, ""

    I've just listened to her show from this last Saturday, Nov. 14 and I can't imagine her saying and presenting more "truthful" information about the REAL perps of 9/11 than she's doing. Her guest was author Chuck Maultsby and they cover the Z-ist connections to 9/11 in fairly good detail, like you would expect from someone like Bollyn.

    It's very hard for me to buy the proposition that someone who is a CIA "plant" would have a conversation like this on their radio show.

    You probably don't have time, but if you want a sample of what I'm talking about, here's the second hour of her show from Nov. 14:


  6. Anonymous

    Here’s an odd story about the Jewish restaurant owner, see photo. Less than 48 hours after his own wife and several employees were allegedly massacred right in front of him, he’s leading a tearless solidarity march down the street holding a white rose?

    Does this look like a "mourning husband" in shock over a bloody massacre which destroyed his family, his business, and which he barely escaped himself? He must be tougher than the average human. Or something.

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