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“11/13: Another French false flag?” with Evelien Gilbert

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My gone-viral article “Another French False Flag?” asks some pertinent and impertinent questions along the lines of:

Were the recent attacks in Paris scripted and storyboarded PR stunts like 9/11? Did the French Secret Service, like its American counterpart during 9/11, give the game away by failing to rush President Hollande to safety as he sat in the National Stadium during the attacks? Did the bankster deep state telegraph the attacks in advance via the Economist’s 2015 issue cover, an October article in Paris Match, and perhaps other giveaways?

Evelien Gilbert, today’s guest, writes:

Here are my notes so far:

*One of the shooters in the club was French and known to the police to have Islamic ties according to the Stuff website which is a collection of NZ news papers. 

*According to the same article a Syrian passport was found next to one of the suicide bombers WHO BLEW HIMSELF UP in the club.

*According to the same article an Egyptian Passport was found next to another suicide bomber.

*Less then 12 hours after the attacks when the sun went down three land mark buildings had lights installed to emulate the French flag. These were the Auckland Sky tower, The Auckland Museum and the Victoria bridge in Hamilton the nearest biggish city to where I live. That is a lot of coordination in a country halfway across the world. The Opera house in Sydney also lit up in the tricolor and it seems someone in every big city in the world had the same brilliant idea. (Storyboarding at its finest) 

*Here is a link to a Daily mail article with Hollande’s “goat” moment. He is photographed the exact moment he gets the call that Paris is under attack conveniently with the date and time. No service men sprinting him to safety. All the more poignant since he is at the German-France football game which saw two suicide bombers detonate themselves outside of some 13 minutes earlier according to the same article!

*Here is my first hurried post on this: What happened at the Stade around the football game where Hollande attended and which was hit by no less than three suicide bombers outside of the stadium over a period of an hour is key! That’s where the storyboard got all mixed up!

7 Thoughts to ““11/13: Another French false flag?” with Evelien Gilbert”

  1. Anonymous

    Salam Kevin,

    Glad you made it out of the Republic alive. Some timing. Keep "crossing lines and crossing borders" as you put it, but be careful which taboos you break, especially those you choose to break willingly. Surely some "taboos" are worth breaking in certain circumstances, but remember "God loves not the transgressors." See especially Q5:32 !

    Clearly the latest Parisian events were stage managed and well controlled. There are still no cell phone videos or pictures of anything anywhere online, twitter, youtube, nowhere. What a lock down. The controlled media have fewer than two dozen or so fotos they've released, w/ any casualties all covered with bloodless, antiseptic white tarps. They look bizarrely orderly, not in any way chaotic or post-chaotic. The terraists all allegedly conveniently blew themselves (instead of other people) up. How thoughtful of them, really.

    Then there's the telltale passport found on one of the self-bombers.

    Throughout, the French prez keeps watching a football game for 90 minutes where the first two bombings took place, instead of reading a book about a goat to a bunch of schoolchildren, but a similar tableau, while the whole chain of events goes down. What a show. Can't call it a farce, because surely people did die, murdered in cold blood by these Gladio part deux thugs.

    Kudos that the French government used it as an excuse to cut off Al Gore's climate bullshit live broadcast feed from the Eiffel tower, although it's a way to get free publicity for a redo in the future, since nobody heard of it before now anyway.

    Back in the day, the commie pinko fags were the purported bad guys. Now lefty gays are the "good guys" and Russians and Muslims are the new/old enemies. And it all takes place on the near 307th anniversary of Jacques deMolay's Friday the 13th execution ~ 10/13/1307 vs 11/13/2015. This version of the nightly frightly news mimics a misbegotten medley of Joni Mitchell's the Circle Game and the Who's Won't Get Fooled Again watched on a smartphone while reading Dave Eggars' the Circle on kindle. Chock full of Virtuality-ness.

    Still, nonetheless,

    Ain't no Satanists' dance in a ring of fire gonna alter or influence That Which Is.

    What it is. What it was. What it gwyna be.

    Peace & love, brother

  2. Anonymous

    I just watched your interview on RT of November 2014, and it was good work. Appreciated the comments on coping and sustaining self doing 9/11 activism: humor, fellowship, pacing, ect.
    There is a real need to figure out how to cope with the awareness, and realities, and people seem to be getting around to that. I would like to help in that regard, so I appreciated your sharing about how you deal with things, and suggestions: MUCH needed.
    There is a new DVD of mental health professionals speaking on 9/11 Truth that hopefully will be completed shortly and distributed in an effective way.
    You are able to think clearly and fearlessly on subjects and data that most clam up on, in the brains, and speech, combining this with humor and calm in that regard. These are unique gifts provided to the 9/11 movement and world.
    Yesterday's events are a frightening escalation, of what is not clear.
    Take care,

  3. Once again, a " certain" group were given andvance knowledge of the attack – and warned to stay away on Friday evening:

  4. Anonymous

    Besides the multi-attack counter terrorism "excercises" held in Paris on the same day "par le hazard", & the tell-tale passport, & the lack of independent cellphone fotos or videos, & the President of France staying in the football stadium and watching the game for 90 minutes after 2 bombs went off at stadium entrances, & the Kiss the Devil cue for the Bataclan attack, there are the following additional coincidences of U2 being scheduled to give a concert in Paris while Al Gore is broadcasting from the Tour Eiffel, with the attacks occurring the day before the G20 love fest in Antalya ~ compared to the Live8/Live Aid debt cancellation concerts fronted by Bono running from 7/2 to 7/6/2005 leading up to the G8 summit in Gleneagles Scotland on 7/7/05, & Peter Power's accidental admission about the train bombing "exercises" they were running in London, & with Guiliani and Netanyahu in town ~ all there to see the giant snuff film being made. Ghouls.

    It makes me sick to my stomach. I am literally nauseous.

  5. Anonymous

    The 9/11 Truth movement was designed so it will never enter the mainstream consicousness.
    You can post millions comments and create millions of youtube videos. But if ain't on the MSM, then it never
    happened. Haven't you figured this out by now? The truth doesn't matter, 'perception' does. Even with the advent
    of the internet, our society's consensus reality is govermened by the MSM. So you'll continue to quarrel amongst
    yourselves on a little contained bubble on the internet, all of you to be used as pawns by the FBI and the nearly two dozen other Intelligence agencies
    that we know about. 'False Flag'? Please come up with something a little bit more original!

  6. Anonymous

    Kevin: The woman in the 2015 Economist painting has a Mona-Lisa like look because she has just given the French king a dose of syphilis courtesy of her irate husband. (Which is, if you think about it, what the Paris attack is doing.) Famous painting attributed to DaVinci.ère

    On Friday, October 13th, 1307, King Philip IV of France, in league with Pope Clement V ordered all Templars to be rounded up and thrown in prison. The leader, DeMolay, was tortured and burned at the stake. Many Templars confessed to being crypto-Jews and worshiping the demon head of Baphomet (Baal). The survivors of the Templars were the genesis of Illuminism and Freemasonry. (Some survivors apparently had anticipated the attack and moved a substantial portion of the Templar treasire–which itself was the missing Temple treasure that Jews had moved to Babylon (Iraq) prior to the Roman attack in 70 A.D.–to Switzerland, hence the Swiss flag.) The choice of date, the location and the Economist painting sort of tells you something!

    Looking at that picture gives me even more concern as to how events are being scripted. Chinese leader being hit in stomach by "Spidernan"–series of plant explosions in China? Jet car on desert/w tortoise–could that symbolize the Russian jet? I'm REALLY concerned about that upper-right nuke as Lindsey Graham has just warned of a big 911 in the U.S.

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