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9/11 family member Matt Campbell, filmmaker Tony Rooke discuss “Incontrovertible”

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Matt Campbell – who lost his brother Geoff to the murderous controlled demolitions of 9/11 – joins us with filmmaker Tony Rooke to discuss their new film Incontrovertible. (Tony is well known for having taken the BBC to court on charges of aiding and abetting terrorism, due to its complicity in the 9/11 cover-up.)

This is one of the very best 9/11 films ever made. I  plan to arrange a screening, with a focus on getting police officers to attend or at least hear about the film.

From the filmmakers:

INCONTROVERTIBLE, A New Feature Length Documentary presents the truth about 9/11 direct from the mouths of those who are the very best placed to know… Police Officers.

British filmmaker Tony Rooke’s ‘INCONTROVERTIBLE‘ is the first crowd-funded project to feature original interviews with police officers, firefighters, and politicians, who ALL voice their grave concerns over the so called official version of events of 14 years ago. Never before have we seen police officers, judges, and even presidential candidates speak so candidly about their doubts and scepticism surrounding the official narrative of 9/11. ‘INCONTROVERTIBLE’ is a no-nonsense rebuttal to British Prime Minister David Cameron’s ridiculous announcement at the United Nations recently that those who doubt the official 9/11 narrative should be viewed as ‘extremists’. Far from it, these are men and women of law enforcement, fire-fighting, military service, and years of loyalty to their Country.’ The film, shot in numerous US cities and many countries around the world, follows the journey of 9/11 victim family member and UK citizen Matt Campbell, whose brother Geoff perished in the North Tower of the World Trade Centre, as he encounters those who gave their lives to law enforcement and civic duty, only to realise the awful reality of just who their superiors are. The film is designed to serve as a clarion call to all in the Police Service, the Fire Departments and to all our military. These are THEIR people, and these are voices they can no longer ignore.

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