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Jim Fetzer on Amazon censorship & JFK assassination; Carl Herman on “French False Flag?”

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Amazon has suppressed this book, saying it “violated guidelines” – but won’t explain WHICH guidelines the book supposedly violated!!
First hour: Saint John Hunt couldn’t make it, so Jim Fetzer sat in to break a huge news story: has censored Jim’s new book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. Preston James reported it first:
“The new Book, No One Died at Sandy Hook was 100% suppressed at the publisher today. This book can bring down the whole State of Connecticut govt for its massive lies about Sandy Hook which was a two day DHS/FEMA Drill. Proof and evidence is 100% rock solid and there are many witnesses it was a drill using a school building closed in 2008 and lots of paid crisis actors. The operation goes all the way to the White House, DHS/FEMA and the FBI. So, in reaction to this high level Intel interception, Prof. Jim Fetzer and the other Editor have decided to distribute it far and wide for free.” Email jfetzer(at)d(dot)umn[dot]edu for your free pdf!
Jim also discusses what we now know about the JFK assassination – and the role of Lyndon Johnson and the CIA in orchestrating it.

Second hour: Carl Herman is the author of the article:

French false flag? .01%: ‘We’re an empire and create our own reality. While you’re studying we’ll act again. We’re history’s actors and all of you will be left to just study what we do.’”

Carl writes:

“If you’d like to discuss the French false flag, at this point of our “game” with our .01% opponents my perspective is to appreciate those who invest research into the details, certainly, while I point to the bigger picture of history and what I conclude as the only endgame: demanding arrests for the clearest areas of crime in this history. It seems the easiest case is the ongoing Wars of Aggression now without refutation were begun with lies known to be false as they were told. I teach and love history, so I’m pretty good at providing this as context of never-ending empire.”

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    This book, which incudes contributions from 12 experts,

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    James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
    McKnight Professor Emeritus
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    "Prologue: Sandy Hook: Was it reality or an illusion?"

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