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Roy Scranton doesn’t want you to hear this interview!

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Roy Scranton is the author of Learning to Die in the Anthropocene: Reflections on the End of a Civilization. But if you’re a 9/11 truther, he doesn’t want you to buy his book. In fact, he doesn’t even want you to listen to this show!

Roy regrets having given this interview, in which he admits that he doesn’t believe the official story of 9/11, the alleged killing of Bin Laden, and related matters. The day after the interview, he emailed me with legalistic threats – and even menaced me with a lifelong vendetta: “If you decide to do that (broadcast the interview against his wishes), out of whatever misguided principle, you will be gaining an enemy who will haunt you till the end of your days.”  

I reminded Roy of something we learned in Journalism 101: “When you give a radio interview, whether live or pre-recorded, you have implicitly consented to its being broadcast.”

What explains such bizarre behavior? Why would an author not want to publicize his book? Apparently Roy is terrified that his shiny new Princeton Ph.D. won’t carry him to the social heights he aspires to climb should anyone find out that he once said something sensible about 9/11 on a show called Truth Jihad Radio.


Come on, Roy. Haunt me to the end of your days. Bring it on.

Listeners: We begin talking about 9/11 at the 26:50 mark and continue till the conversation ends around 41:15.  Then I read the transcripts of Roy’s amazing emails demanding that I not broadcast the show, along with my responses.)

This whole affair offers a perfect illustration of the way 9/11, and the taboo on speaking honestly about it, has turned the USA into a nation of worthless, pusillanimous scumbags.

19 Thoughts to “Roy Scranton doesn’t want you to hear this interview!”

  1. "To freemen, threats are impotent." – Cicero. [Lat. : Nulla enim minantis auctoritas apud liberos est.]

    Free & decent men hate being bullied just as much as they hate being bullies.

  2. This guy has a problem taking responsibility for his words and actions. His book tells us to man up and face death – not just individual death, but also the death of the current "civilization." And he says we should man up and face our individual responsibility for the "lifestyle choices" that are killing the planet. Yet he won't even man up and face his own responsibility for what he says in a radio interview.

    No wonder this civilization is doomed – people like Roy are its typical products.

  3. Anonymous

    Does he even believe in global warming? Or is he just brown-nosing the high priests as a good career move?

  4. Let's try this Rod Sterling style….

    Here we have a man who has painted him self into a box…a box in the corner where all the vampires feed.
    A man of no principles preaching to Satan's choir. A man of modest upbringing, low self esteem, and tunnel vision. The "Useful Idiot" personified.
    A man who sold his soul to the Gods of war – to bring suffering and death to innocent people in a war based on lies – motivated by material desires …wealth ….primal urge to propagate his genes…etc. All to be afforded by the financial success he has yet to achieve – but assumes his years of schooling will entitle him to.
    The Vampires? Yes…the very same people who created/support the Man Made Global Warming Scam …the Rothschilds and Rockefellers….Zionists…are the same ones who have created the war he killed for….control and profit from most of the oil he condemns…and helped to create the educational system that created the fool known as Roy Scranton.

    What a douche.

  5. Anonymous

    Beautifully executed.
    Hope this is getting backed up, saved and protected against any legal efforts to try and make it "disappear".
    For the record, of course.
    For posterity.

    For honor … or relative lack thereof.
    This perhaps, is what Roy has difficulty with.

    It appears to hold on stubbornly in many traditional societies (stereotyped by Orientalists as "tribal").
    While post-industrial urban Western societies trade it in or sell it on the cheap.
    Roy should explore that topic: Honor. What does it really mean?

    I think someone advised Roy AFTER THE FACT, to try and yank back the interview.

    He should reveal who, and why. As promptly as possible for his own rep.

    It reduces his academic /media / circus street cred to negative polarity.

    As for his shilling of a global "carbon tax", whether "Cap & Trade" or any other racketeered "carbon trading scheme:
    I'm no specialist myself. Been following the various sites observing geo-engineering and so so forth.

    I've noted that several figures literate in the scientific method, have ruthlessly dissected the psychology of the "climate change" meme. and laid out its various subtextual agendas, targeted against economic independence or development in nations like India or China or Pakistan or Bangladesh, also regions of Africa and Asia populated often by Muslim majorities. Among the more notable are Webster Tarpley and James Fetzer; both of whom have deconstructed "climate change" as an ideologically manipulated vehicle for implementing very specific policies.

    We are grown-ups here.
    We recognize that our non-local "reality" is controlled by media defined "perception".
    And we know who supplies that. And the money involved in administering a new "global climate change" regime.

    Whatever the measurable and testable reality of weather, climate, solar activity, storms; we know it will be used against us as an excuse to impose more centralized elite global social engineering schemes on various regions of the planet.

    Here's a nice scientific deconstruction of "Climate Change" (The Crisis Formerly Known as Global Warming"):

    And here's what we can prove in court:

  6. Anonymous

    Assalamu Alaikum Kevin,

    I just listened to the interview you posted w/ Roy and before you got to the 9/11 part he just wanted to keep talking about climate change and as soon as you discussed 9/11 he became so unsure of his erstwhile convictions.

    This leads me to more strongly believe that climate change is an officially sanctioned release valve issue for social activists. How could people be so passionate about the potential policies (carbon credits etc) to address the hypothetical deaths that may occur as a result of climate change while being so indifferent to the actual millions of deaths that are occurring as a result of all the lies and crimes going on as a result of crimes perpetrated by people in power?

  7. “I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.”

    The sad Roy Scranton's attitude, is the attitude of those who are spiritually deficient.

    As a consequence, this life and its comforts (ie : very temporary seemingly pleasant illusions) appears to them of the utmost importance; they have no belief/hope in an utterly much better afterlife; in other words, they have given up on the Generosity and Mercy of their Maker (a big sin in Islam, if not the biggest).

    As a result of the spriritual deficiency, those kind of individuals have no qualms participating in the oppression of their fellow human beings, no qualms being an agent of pain and suffering to people, animals and plants. Think about it : who is inflicting oppression abroad in today's world ?. It is not bush or cheyney – they are sitting in their mansions not harming even a fly – but stupid people having Roy's mentality, eager to sell their soul for the few crumbs their chosen mortal masters throw to them on the ground.

    "Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and given him triumphal processions." – Cicero

    HEY ROY : Stop salivating at the stupid commercials and movies designed to convince the cattles of a false notion of "happiness" (wife, big house in the suburb, big car, $1500. cappucino machine in the kitchen, pool table in the living room…etc). Instead, take this opportunity to re-assess your position in the world and what is expected of you. If you put your ego on the shelf and are sincere in your journey, one day Insha'Allah you will thank Kevin for rattling the cage of your mind when you meet him at the mosque.

    The threat of poverty is one of Satan's many strategies to pull humans away from Allah, away from their eternal home of Paradise :

    _ Quran [011:006] : "And There is no living creature on earth but depends for its sustenance on God; and He knows its time-limit [on earth] and its resting place [after death]; all [this] is laid down in [His] clear decree". (as translated by Muhammad Asad)

    _ Jesus is reported as having said (Bible (NIV), Luke 12:22) :

    "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes. Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds!. Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life ?. Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest ?".

    I hope I don't sound like I am pontificating too much.

  8. Anonymous

    Excellent point and well articulated. AND from a muslim apparently : we need celebration here.

  9. Anonymous

    What a shocker that was!!

    You know, as I listened to the interview I was really pissed off that YOU would "entertain" such an obvious stooge for the climate change cause. I don't know about you but ((I)) have a very hard time listening carefully to someone when I think they're totally full of shit.

    When I heard the END of that show though, I was totally blown away.

    WHAT had you said or introduced that made him so mad? I have to confess, I listened to the last half of that interview AGAIN … just to find out (because I hadn't been listening too closely.~)

    Well here's the thing that strikes me about these guys. They're so full of "ah's" and hesitations and careful phrasing of everything they say … there's no SOUL or CONVICTION to any of it. They're speaking from memory cells in their brains and not from their hearts. (Think Obama and all the rest of the political crowd and how they talk).

    So he gave himself away completely … by his later email exchange with you.

    Yeah, that's the thing … precisely. They're NOT being honest; they're trying to work the system (as it exists) to THEIR advantage.

    Alex Jones does the same thing when it comes to addressing the question of zionist control. Listen to HIM mutter and stumble around trying to say something meaningful on that topic. Lots of "ah's" there too.

    It's despicable and yet it's a truth that we have to encompass. Everyone has that certain selfish area that they think they need to protect.

    The markers in his interview (for me) were …

    1) Climate change (global temperature rise) IS REAL … based on … scientific consensus.

    2) We have to learn how to embrace DEATH.

    These are the markers for Agenda 21. Learn how to lose most everything and then … become desperately poor and finally … DIE with joy! (Think Sandy Hook).

    Now, if someone is going to preach climate change or global warming from anthropogenic causes … in the pursuit of limiting the production of CO2 … you'd THINK that they would -themselves- have AT LEAST a fundamental understanding about the mechanisms of how that is supposed to work. But no … it's ALWAYS about what other people claim. It's always about "scientific consensus."

    Does anyone in the warming cause, actually KNOW what they themselves are talking about? I haven't come across one yet. God that makes me frustrated.

    At least the "naysayers" (like Lord Moncton) … have some good solid arguments which they themselves have worked through and logically formed conclusions on.

    But this Scranton guy gave himself away. And how many others are there -in the same category- who are just more clever than Scranton and manage to hide their real, true, selfish agendas?

    They get on the train that evidently appears to carry the most gravy. That's really all that matters to them. Join the "winning side" and PROMOTE that … in hopes of being rewarded for their efforts.

  10. Anonymous

    I agree with your comments after the interview, with the exception of making misprision of treason a capital offense for the reason that half of the country would probably be subject to it!

    Anyway, good job. You were quite correct.

  11. Half?! I'd say well over three quarters. Though enforcing such a law would greatly improve the American gene pool by eliminating the morally unfit, I agree that it in this case mercy – even to terminally evil idiots – should trump justice.

  12. Anonymous

    "Come by in person anytime, so I can kick your worthless cowardly ass" – Dr. Kevin Barrett, Ph.D.

    The irish hooligan is still alive and kicking in Kevin. That's the spirit. Don't mess with sheikh Osama and even less with sheikh Kevin Barrett.

  13. Allah gave the Irish whiskey so they wouldn't take over the world. Then he offered them Islam so they could. Raise yer glass of non-alcoholic Guiness to re-establishing the Caliphate in Dublin.


    I was born in County Kerry with a Guiness in me hand
    That thick white foam washed o’er me like the waves wash o’er the sand
    One great black wave broke on me brain and washed me sins (sense) away
    And I became a Muslim… on that glahrious drunken day…but now…

    Me drinkin’ days are done—hamdullilah!
    Me drinkin’ days are done—insha’allah!
    Raise your glass to this Irish Muslim
    Whose drinkin’ days are done.

  14. Anonymous

    Kevin, you don't know me from Adam, but I just wanted to say thank you for calling out this guy on your radio show the other evening. You are so right about the products of our civilisation, and this verbal exchange between you and Scranton reveals an awful lot about what's REALLY happening in our world. What I mean is: Obviously this guy was PERMITTED to write his edgy-sounding book by whoever supervises him. In other words, he's obviously a total fake pushing (or more likely being USED to push) pre-approved ideas, but who quickly u-turned when he found out who you were. I.e the real deal, and not some fake schmuck. You were smart/quick enough to spot this and call him out. He also had a whiny, equivocating little voice, and what about that vicious e-mail threat!! I'm sure somebody put those words in his mouth, too. Author, my arse. Let's hope he's been suitably buried!!

  15. Scranton is a "stooge" .. His climate change stats that He listed have to a single one .. been debunked.

    But that pales to his "weasleism" .. I have never seen more comments here on a single broadcast.. so If You wanted less publicity Roy.. Way to Go! Kevin clearly pointed out his lack of a spine! I'm dumbfounded that someone who has "according to himself" spent 9 years in University (many at Princeton) .. thinking He is in the bottom rung of society! What a crock! Let him eat dirt!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I posted a review of Mr. Scranton's book with Amazon.. You might want to as well. I directed some traffic here hopefully! 😉

  18. Several attempts have been made to post reviews @ amazon of Mr. Scranton's book. For some reason .. reviews of the book just go d.o.a. ?

  19. Anonymous

    I like a lot your work and I appreciate very much your thoughts.
    I know that you are sceptic about climate change, as I am, because I grew up with a very critical view about technical development and its impact on environment. But I begin to believe that the ecologic discourse is a manipulation. I haven't read yet the book of Griffin. But I stumbled about some material from Larouche pac. Maybe you find some interesting thoughts.

    I don't belong to Larouche!

    I saw the conference of Prof. Carl Otto Weiss. Interesting. He lays out some arguments against the oficial claims about climate change.

    As well the interview with Paul Driessen. He advocates technical progress for all humanity instead for only some elite. I found it interesting, although I've got some difficulties to agree with his praise of DDT, fracking, GMOs. I understand his argument, but I can' t go so far.

    I'm european and I'm not really informed of the american political scene. I don't know the position of Larouche. Some ideas I find very interesting. I'm not sure about his view on geopolitics, if it's a technocratic global society, or if its a it's a global society with common goals, based on shared technology.

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