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Gordon Duff: “The people in charge are WORSE than Satanists!”

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(Note: This show was not broadcast live due to technical difficulties at Revolution Radio.)

Guest: Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today.

Gordon’s  latest article is “Busted! Russians Catch US in Fake Bombing Campaign.”

In this interview we discuss Gordon’s gunsmithing; his mission to Syria and interaction with top Syrian leaders; the ridiculously fake “policeman shooting” outside the Charlie Hebdo offices last January 7th; (for full documentation of the Paris false flag read We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo!); the fall of the mainstream media and the rise of Veterans Today; the terrific work of Christian ex-Islamophobe and current peacemaker Mark Siljander; whether I should keep beating the drums for 9/11 truth or instead aspire to respectability as a global affairs journalist; and the question of who really runs the world. Hint: The Zionists may be bad, but the freemasons control the Zionists, the satanists control the freemasons, and the people really in charge are WORSE than the satanists.

I wish Gordon were joking.

5 Thoughts to “Gordon Duff: “The people in charge are WORSE than Satanists!””

  1. Anonymous

    With respect to Gordon's monologue at the end:

    Sounded very specific and concrete to me. Hardly could be criticized as "rambling".

    Frankly, Prof. Barrett, I must be compulsive.

    Because I can't get enough of this kind of "rambling", so revealing and densely packed as happens to be.

    Whatever one might think of /Duff (or Press TV or Syrian officials, or Russian spooks or disgruntled French agents, etc…), a much more coherent, plausible and engaging narrative can be quickly assembled from these sources; than from the official "mainstream" or faux "alternative" media sewers.

    (been reviewing some old Guy DeBord …. right up your alley, I think)

    Not only does the "extreme" alternative narrative (from Duff and his sources) have orders of magnitude greater explanatory COHERENCE than any other narrative; it happens to be more INTERESTING and engaging.

    OUR narrative must consume, supersede, swallow up and digest into waste, the "mainstream" narrative.

    Because not only does it make more "common sense", but it makes for amore coherent SCRIPT and plot line!!!

    So keep at it. Stay the course.

    And perhaps make occasional fine-tuning adjustments as the need arises.

    The integrity of our intellectual content is not at issue.
    There's no contest there. They are transparently (culturally) bankrupt in their version of things.
    Fewer and fewer are willing to buy it anymore.

    So the requirement to secure that cultural "consent" will be under-budgeted, short-changed and eventually phased out altogether. Perhaps prematurely. An arrogant and risky strategy at best.

    It's all about the availability of access to certain resources, mainly financially manipulated.

    And the physical muscle to seize or secure those resources.

    And the concomitant muscle to contain, secure and minimize the activities of the gangsters running the bloody circus.

  2. Nicely put. I couldn't have said it better.

  3. Anonymous

    So who's really in charge? Michael Aquino, who got expelled from the Church of Satan for being too evil?

  4. Anonymous

    Gordon Duff said that there are 300,000 Arabs in Dearborn, my home town for nearly 20 years. Dearborn's population in 2010 was 95,000. He also said there are 600,000 Lebanese in Detroit, my home town for 40 years. Detroit's population is +/- 750,000, 90% of which is Black. Hmmm? Accuracy is important.

    Good job on Scranton. The facts are ready to erupt. Jeb sputters in defense of his brother. Panic is setting in.


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